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उपसर्ग m. upasarga prefix
पूर्वन्यासपद्धति f. pUrvanyAsapaddhati prefix notation [computer]
विधान n. vidhAna prefixing
अभ्यास m. abhyAsa what is prefixed
को ind. ko prefix in kojAgara
कात् ind. kAt a prefix implying contempt
कु ku prefix implying deterioration
अधि ind. adhi as a prefix to verbs and nouns
अत् ind. at a prefix said to imply surprise
प्रकर्ष m. prakarSa effect of the prefix pra upon roots
शप् adverb zap prefix implying assent or acceptance
adverb sa an inseparable prefix expressing junction
adverb sa an inseparable prefix expressing junction
धिक् ind. dhik used as a prefix or as an interj. of reproach
गतिमत् adj. gatimat connected with a preposition or some other adverbial prefix
गति f. gati term for prepositions and some other adverbial prefixes when immediately connected with the tenses of a verb or with verbal derivatives
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