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प्राचीन adj. prAcIna previous
पूर्वतन adj. pUrvatana previous
पूर्वकाल n. pUrvakAla previous time
गतैकादश्याम् phrase gataikAdazyAm eleventh day of the previous fortnight
गतशुक्लचतुर्दश्याम् phrase gatazuklacaturdazyAm fourteenth day of the previous bright fortnight
पूर्वकृत adj. pUrvakRta previous
पौराण adj. paurANa previous
पूर्वतर adj. pUrvatara previous
प्राञ्च् adj. prAJc previous
पूर्ववर्तिन् adj. pUrvavartin previous
पूर्व adj. pUrva previous
प्राक्कालीन adj. prAkkAlIna previous
पूर्व्य adj. pUrvya previous
पूर्वक adj. pUrvaka previous
प्राक्तन adj. prAktana previous
प्राथमिक adj. prAthamika previous
पर adj. para previous
प्रथम adj. prathama previously
अधस्तात् adverb adhastAt previously
पुरस् adverb puras previously
पूर्वथा ind. pUrvathA previously
पूर्वत्र ind. pUrvatra previously
पूर्वम् ind. pUrvam previously
पूर्वतरम् ind. pUrvataram previously
प्राञ्च् m. prAJc previously
पूर्व adj. pUrva previous to
प्राग्वत् ind. prAgvat as previously
यथापूर्वम् ind. yathApUrvam as previously
प्राग्भव m. prAgbhava previous life
दृष्टपूर्व adj. dRSTapUrva seen previously
प्राग्रूप n. prAgrUpa previous symptom
अतिदेश adj. atideza previously stated
अदृष्टपूर्व adj. adRSTapUrva previously unseen
प्रथमोदित adj. prathamodita uttered previously
प्राक्चरण adj. prAkcaraNa previously excited
यथागत adj. yathAgata as previously gone
प्रागुक्ति f. prAgukti previous utterance
अश्रुतपूर्वम् indecl. azrutapUrvam previously unknown
पूर्वाभिषेक m. pUrvAbhiSeka previous anointing
पूर्वन्याय m. pUrvanyAya previous judgement
प्राग्वृत्त्तान्त m. prAgvRtttAnta previous adventure
पूर्वभूत adj. pUrvabhUta existing previously
यथारब्ध adj. yathArabdha as previously begun
पूर्ववृत्त n. pUrvavRtta previous occurrence
उपक्रान्त adj. upakrAnta previously mentioned
पूर्वोपनिहित adj. pUrvopanihita previously hidden away
यथाभ्यर्थित adj. yathAbhyarthita as previously asked for
यथार्थित adj. yathArthita as previously asked for
पुरा ind. purA in a previous existence
पूर्वकल m. pUrvakala former or previous time
यथाचिन्तित adj. yathAcintita as previously considered
यथास्थिति ind. yathAsthiti as on previous occasions
अनुवर्तते verb 1 Atm anuvartate { anu- vRt } follow from a previous rule
अन्वादिष्ट adj. anvAdiSTa referring to a previous rule
यथावृत्त n. yathAvRtta previous occurrence or event
पूर्वपूर्व adj. pUrvapUrva each one mentioned previously
पूर्वपूर्वोक्त adj. pUrvapUrvokta each one mentioned previously
यथोक्त adj. yathokta previously time or prescribed
प्राग्वंश m. prAgvaMza former or previous generation
प्रक्रान्त adj. prakrAnta previously mentioned or stated
पूर्वपूर्व adj. pUrvapUrva each previous or preceding one
पूर्ववत् ind. pUrvavat according to something previous
यथोदित adj. yathodita as said or told previously stated
पूर्ववृत्त adj. pUrvavRtta relating to a previous occurrence
अन्वादेशक adj. anvAdezaka referring to a previous statement
पूर्वरूप adj. pUrvarUpa having the previous form or shape
यथोदितम् ind. yathoditam according to a previous statement
आख्यान n. AkhyAna communication of a previous event
अनुवर्त्मन् n. anuvartman path previously walked by another
पुरोजिति f. purojiti previous possession or acquisition
यथाप्राप्तम् ind. yathAprAptam in conformity with a previous rule
अपधावति verb apadhAvati { apadhAv } depart (from a previous statement)
अनुवर्तनीय adj. anuvartanIya to be supplied from a previous rule
पूर्ववत् f. pUrvavat one who has been previously married
देवृ m. devR husband of a woman previously married
तानकर्मन् n. tAnakarman tuning the voice previously to singing
कर्मन् n. karman consequence of acts in a previous life
मौल adj. maula holding office from previous generations
दत्तपूर्वोक्तशपभी adj. dattapUrvoktazapabhI causing fear by a previously uttered curse
पूर्वसिद्ध adj. pUrvasiddha previously settled or determined or proved
प्राग्गुण adj. prAgguNa possessing any previously mentioned quality
यथाख्यत adj. yathAkhyata as previously told or described or mentioned
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza referring to what has been stated previously
यथाप्राप्त adj. yathAprApta following from a previous grammatical rule on
फक्किका f. phakkikA previous statement or thesis to be maintained
अनुषङ्ग m. anuSaGga connection of a subsequent with a previous act
पूर्वरात्रकृत adj. pUrvarAtrakRta done during the formerly previously of the night
ऋणार्ण n. RNArNa loan borrowed for the payment of a previous debt
कृतघ्न adj. kRtaghna defeating or rendering vain all previous measures
पूर्वकल adj. pUrvakala belonging to a formerly time previously mentioned
अनागम adj. anAgama not constituting an accession to previous property
अनुनिर्देश m. anunirdeza description or relation following a previous model
अनुदेश m. anudeza rule or injunction pointing back to a previous rule
अपस्नान n. apasnAna impure water in which a person has previously washed
पूर्वजन्मकृत adj. pUrvajanmakRta done in a former birth or previous state of existence
प्रवर्तक n. pravartaka entrance of a previously announced person on the stage
अग्रदानिन् m. agradAnin Brahman who takes things previously offered to the dead
अन्यपूर्वा f. anyapUrvA woman previously betrothed to one and married to another
बाधित्वा ind. bAdhitvA destroying or neutralizing the effect of a previous rule
मण्डूकप्लुति f. maNDUkapluti skipping of several sUtras and supplying from a previous sUtra
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