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प्रथम adj. prathama previously
पुरस् adverb puras previously
अधस्तात् adverb adhastAt previously
पूर्वम् ind. pUrvam previously
पूर्वतरम् ind. pUrvataram previously
पूर्वथा ind. pUrvathA previously
पूर्वत्र ind. pUrvatra previously
प्राञ्च् m. prAJc previously
यथापूर्वम् ind. yathApUrvam as previously
प्राग्वत् ind. prAgvat as previously
दृष्टपूर्व adj. dRSTapUrva seen previously
अदृष्टपूर्व adj. adRSTapUrva previously unseen
अतिदेश adj. atideza previously stated
प्राक्चरण adj. prAkcaraNa previously excited
यथागत adj. yathAgata as previously gone
प्रथमोदित adj. prathamodita uttered previously
अश्रुतपूर्वम् indecl. azrutapUrvam previously unknown
यथारब्ध adj. yathArabdha as previously begun
पूर्वभूत adj. pUrvabhUta existing previously
उपक्रान्त adj. upakrAnta previously mentioned
पूर्वोपनिहित adj. pUrvopanihita previously hidden away
यथाभ्यर्थित adj. yathAbhyarthita as previously asked for
यथार्थित adj. yathArthita as previously asked for
यथाचिन्तित adj. yathAcintita as previously considered
पूर्वपूर्व adj. pUrvapUrva each one mentioned previously
पूर्वपूर्वोक्त adj. pUrvapUrvokta each one mentioned previously
यथोक्त adj. yathokta previously time or prescribed
प्रक्रान्त adj. prakrAnta previously mentioned or stated
यथोदित adj. yathodita as said or told previously stated
अनुवर्त्मन् n. anuvartman path previously walked by another
पूर्ववत् f. pUrvavat one who has been previously married
देवृ m. devR husband of a woman previously married
तानकर्मन् n. tAnakarman tuning the voice previously to singing
पूर्वसिद्ध adj. pUrvasiddha previously settled or determined or proved
दत्तपूर्वोक्तशपभी adj. dattapUrvoktazapabhI causing fear by a previously uttered curse
प्राग्गुण adj. prAgguNa possessing any previously mentioned quality
यथाख्यत adj. yathAkhyata as previously told or described or mentioned
अन्वादेश m. anvAdeza referring to what has been stated previously
पूर्वरात्रकृत adj. pUrvarAtrakRta done during the formerly previously of the night
पूर्वकल adj. pUrvakala belonging to a formerly time previously mentioned
अपस्नान n. apasnAna impure water in which a person has previously washed
प्रवर्तक n. pravartaka entrance of a previously announced person on the stage
अग्रदानिन् m. agradAnin Brahman who takes things previously offered to the dead
अन्यपूर्वा f. anyapUrvA woman previously betrothed to one and married to another
पर्याधातृ m. paryAdhAtR younger brother who has set up the sacred fire previously to the elder
पर्याहित m. paryAhita elder brother previously to whom the younger has set up the sacred fire
अन्तरप्रश्न m. antaraprazna question which is contained in and arises from what has been previously stated
अनुवाद m. anuvAda passage of the brAhmaNas which explains or illustrates a rule previously propounded
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