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प्रियक m. priyaka kind of bird
प्रियक m. priyaka kind of deer with a very soft skin
प्रियक m. priyaka kind of tree
प्रियक m. priyaka bee
प्रियक m. priyaka chameleon
प्रियकाम adj. priyakAma desirous of showing kindness to
प्रियकाम adj. priyakAma friendly disposed
प्रियकर adj. priyakara causing or giving pleasure
प्रियकार adj. priyakAra congenial
प्रियकार adj. priyakAra doing a kindness or a favour to
प्रियकार adj. priyakAra suiting
प्रियकल्प m. priyakalpa ceremony intended to cause blessing to a friend
प्रियकाम्या f. priyakAmyA desire of showing kindness to
प्रियकाम्य m. priyakAmya Indian-laurel [Terminalia Tomentosa - Bot.]
प्रियकारिन् adj. priyakArin showing kindness to
प्रियकलह adj. priyakalaha quarrelsome
प्रियकारक adj. priyakAraka causing pleasure or gladness
प्रियकारक adj. priyakAraka agreeable
प्रियकारण n. priyakAraNa cause of any favour
प्रियकर्मन् adj. priyakarman doing kind actions
प्रियकर्मन् adj. priyakarman kind
प्रियकर्मन् n. priyakarman action of a lover
प्रियाकरोति verb priyAkaroti { priyAkR } do a favour to
प्रियाकरोति verb priyAkaroti { priyAkR } act kindly towards
प्रियकलत्र m. priyakalatra fond of one's wife
प्रियकारणात् ind. priyakAraNAt for the sake of doing a favour
प्रियकारित्व n. priyakAritva act of showing kindness
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