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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
समान्तर श्रेढी f. samAntara zreDhI arithmetic progression [Math.]
उपचिति f. upaciti progression
श्रेधी f. zredhI progression
अनुपात m. anupAta progression
चार m. cAra progression
त्र्युत्तरीभाव m. tryuttarIbhAva progression by 3
श्रेधीफल n. zredhIphala sum of a progression
गणित n. gaNita sum of a progression
सङ्कलिता f. saGkalitA first sum in a progression
गच्छ m. gaccha period of a progression on 19
पद n. pada period in an arithmetical progression
वदन n. vadana initial quantity or term of a progression
श्रेधीव्यवहार m. zredhIvyavahAra ascertainment or determination of progressions
मुख n. mukha first term or initial quantity of a progression
वक्त्र n. vaktra initial quantity or first term of a progression
श्रेटी f. zreTI particular numerical notation or progression of figures
श्रेढी f. zreDhI particular numerical notation or progression of figures
श्रेडी f. zreDI particular numerical notation or progression of figures
प्रचय m. pracaya common increase or difference of the terms in a progression
चितिघन m. citighana total amount of all the members of an arithmetical progression
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