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प्रक्षेप-कोण m. prakSepa-koNa angle of projection
शिखा f. zikhA projection
विक्षेप m. vikSepa projection
छेद्यक n. chedyaka projection
निर्यूह n. niryUha projection
कूटक n. kUTaka projection
दन्तक m. dantaka projection in a rock
शकुल m. zakula kind of spur-like projection
कूट m.n. kUTa any prominence or projection
ककुद्मत् adj. kakudmat having a projection or elevation
सुनासिक adj. sunAsika having a good point or projection
इन्द्रकोश m. indrakoza projection of the roof of a house
इन्द्रकोष m. indrakoSa projection of the roof of a house
इन्द्रकोषक m. indrakoSaka projection of the roof of a house
ककुद् f. kakud any projecting corner or projection
स्तनतट n. stanataTa the projection of the female breast
शृङ्ग n. zRGga any peak or projection or lofty object
पिण्ड m. piNDa two projections of an elephant's frontal sinus
कर्णक m. karNaka prominence or handle or projection on the side or sides
कूट n. kUTa bone of the forehead with its projections or prominences
गजमुक्ता f. gajamuktA pearl supposed to be found in the projections of an elephant's forehead
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