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पूर्वरङ्ग m. pUrvaraGga prologue
आमुभ्य n. Amubhya prologue
आमुख n. Amukha prologue
प्रस्तावना f. prastAvanA dramatic prologue
रङ्गद्वार n. raGgadvAra prologue of a play
गुणनिका f. guNanikA prologue to a drama
प्रस्ताव m. prastAva prologue of a drama
नन्दि m. nandi speaker of a prologue
नन्दिन् m. nandin speaker of a prologue
नान्दीकर m. nAndIkara speaker of the prologue
प्रस्ताविक n. prastAvika Introduction or prologue [of a book, play, music, etc]
कथाप्राण m. kathAprANa speaker of a prologue or monologue
कथक m. kathaka speaker of a prologue or monologue
उद्घात्यक m. udghAtyaka abrupt interruption in the prologue of a drama
नान्दी f. nAndI kind of blessing pronounced as a prologue to a drama
प्ररोचना f. prarocanA exciting interest by praising an author in the Prologue of a drama
अवलगित n. avalagita addition made in the prologue of a drama and not having any particular reference to the latter
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