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शाब्दिक प्रस्थापना f. zAbdika prasthApanA verbal proposition
सांश्लेषिक-प्रस्थापना f. sAMzleSika-prasthApanA synthetic proposition [Logic]
वैश्लेषिक प्रस्थापना f. vaizleSika prasthApanA analytical proposition
प्रतिज्ञा f. pratijJA proposition
वाद m. vAda proposition
महावाक्य n. mahAvAkya great proposition
प्रत्याम्नाय m. pratyAmnAya proposition re-stated
देश्य n. dezya proposition or statement
अननुभाषण n. ananubhASaNa not repeating a proposition
अन्वय m. anvaya or proposition and conclusion
अनवस्था f. anavasthA non-finality (of a proposition) [philos.]
प्रतिज्ञालक्षण n. pratijJAlakSaNa characteristic of a proposition
वादवाद adj. vAdavAda an assertion about a proposition
उत्तरपक्ष m. uttarapakSa minor proposition in a syllogism
पक्षता f. pakSatA essential nature of a proposition
अन्वयव्यतिरेक n. anvayavyatireka positive and negative proposition
प्रतिज्ञाहानि f. pratijJAhAni giving up a proposition or argument
बहुप्रतिज्ञ adj. bahupratijJa containing more than one proposition
प्रतिज्ञासंन्यास m. pratijJAsaMnyAsa abandonment of one's own proposition
प्रतिज्ञा f. pratijJA assertion or proposition to be proved
पक्ष m. pakSa proposition to be proved in a syllogism
प्रतिज्ञान्तर n. pratijJAntara subsequent proposition on failure of the first
स्थापन n. sthApana establishment or dialectical proof of a proposition
प्रतिज्ञाविरोध m. pratijJAvirodha contradiction between a logical proposition and the argument
प्रतिप्रयोग m. pratiprayoga counter-application or parallel setting forth of a proposition
वादरत adj. vAdarata adhering to or following any particular proposition or doctrine
व्याप्तिग्रह m. vyAptigraha apprehension of a general proposition or of universal concomitance
विनिग्रह m. vinigraha antithesis which implies that when two propositions are antithetically stated peculiar stress is laid on one of them
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