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प्रस्तुत adj. prastuta propounded
प्रवचनीय adj. pravacanIya to be taught or propounded
प्रतिपाद्य adj. pratipAdya to be explained or propounded
प्रास्तुत्य n. prAstutya being propounded or discussed
स्मृत adj. smRta declared or propounded in the law-books
प्रतिपादनीय adj. pratipAdanIya to be propounded or discussed or treated of
अन्वाचयशिष्ट adj. anvAcayaziSTa propounded as a rule or matter of secondary importance
प्रवचन n. pravacana system of doctrines propounded in a treatise or dissertation
अनुवाद m. anuvAda passage of the brAhmaNas which explains or illustrates a rule previously propounded
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