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पुण्ड्र m. puNDra white-fruited wavy leaf fig tree [Ficus Infectoria - Bot.]
पुण्ड्र m. puNDra white lotus-flower
पुण्ड्र m. puNDra Hiptage shrub [Hiptage benghalensis - Bot.]
पुण्ड्र m. puNDra worm
पुण्ड्र m. puNDra sectarian mark
पुण्ड्र m. puNDra bleeding-heart plant [Clerodendrum phlomidis - Bot.]
पुण्ड्र m. puNDra sugar-cane
पुण्ड्र m.n. puNDra mark or line made on the forehead with ashes or colouring substances to distinguish vaiSNavas from zaivas
पुण्ढ्र m.n. puNDhra sectarian mark
पुण्ड्रक m. puNDraka frontal sectarian mark
पुण्ड्रक m. puNDraka man who lives by breeding silk-worms
पुण्ड्रक m. puNDraka prince of the puNDras
पुण्ड्रकेलि m. puNDrakeli elephant
पुण्ड्रनगर n. puNDranagara city of the puNDras
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