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पुष्पद m. puSpada tree
पुष्पद m. puSpada flower-giving
पुष्पाड m. puSpADa kind of rice
पुष्पध m. puSpadha offspring of an out-caste Brahman
पुष्पाडक m. puSpADaka kind of rice
पुष्पदल n. puSpadala petal
पुष्पदामन् n. puSpadAman garland of flower
पुष्पदामन् n. puSpadAman kind of metre
पुष्पदन्त adj. puSpadanta flower-toothed
पुष्पधनुस् m. puSpadhanus armed with a bow of flower [name of the god of love]
पुष्पदंष्ट्र m. puSpadaMSTra having flower for fangs
पुष्पधन्वन् m. puSpadhanvan name of the god of love [armed with a bow of flower]
पुष्पधारण m. puSpadhAraNa flower-bearer
पुष्पदन्तवत् adj. puSpadantavat one who has flowered teeth
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