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पुलाक m. pulAka lump of boiled rice
पुलक m. pulaka cake of meal with which elephants are fed
पुलक m. pulaka species of edible plant
पुलक m. pulaka gandharva
पुलक m. pulaka goose bumps
पुलाक m. pulAka celerity
पुलक m. pulaka species of tree
पुलाक m. pulAka abbreviation
पुलक m. pulaka orpiment
पुलाक m. pulAka compendium
पुलक m. pulaka kind of insect or vermin
पुलाक m. pulAka brevity
पुलाक m. pulAka particular species of grain
पुलाक m. pulAka dispatch
पुलक m. pulaka kind of stone or gem
पुलक m. pulaka bunch
पुलक m. pulaka flaw or defect in a gem
पुलक m. pl. pulaka erection or bristling of the hairs of the body
पुलाक n. pulAka shrivelled or blighted or empty or bad grain
पुलक n. pulaka horripilation
पुलक n. pulaka species of earth
पुलकाङ्ग m. pulakAGga noose or cord of god of water
पुलकाचित adj. pulakAcita covered with bristling hair
पुलकयति verb pulakayati { pulakaya } have or feel the hair of the body erect
पुलकाद्गम m. pulakAdgama erection of the hair
पुलकाङ्कुर m. pulakAGkura bristling hair
पुलकाकुलाकृति adj. pulakAkulAkRti having the frame excited by bristling hair
पुलकाकुलाकृति adj. pulakAkulAkRti thrilled with joy
पुलकाङ्कितसवाङ्ग adj. pulakAGkitasavAGga having the whole body covered with bristling hair
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