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शासित adj. zAsita punished
दण्डित adj. daNDita punished
सदण्ड adj. sadaNDa punished
धृतदण्ड adj. dhRtadaNDa punished by
उष्यते verb uSyate { uS } be punished [passive]
निग्रहीतव्य adj. nigrahItavya to be punished
दण्डनीय adj. daNDanIya to be punished
शास्य adj. zAsya to be punished
साधित adj. sAdhita punished by a fine
अशास्य adj. azAsya not to be punished
नियोजयितव्य adj. niyojayitavya to be punished with
उष्ट adj. uSTa { uS } punished or chastised
वध्य adj. vadhya to be capitally punished
ओष्यते verb oSyate { uS } be punished or chastised
हन्तव्य adj. hantavya to be punished with death
ओषितव्य verb oSitavya { uS } may be burned or punished
प्रतिलभते verb pratilabhate { pratilabh } get back i.e. get punished
औष्णीय verb auSNIya { uS } to be punished or chastized
निग्राह्य adj. nigrAhya to be suppressed or punished
ओषतु Imperfect oSatu { uS } let something be burned or punished
उष्णातु Imperfect uSNAtu { uS } let someone be chastised or punished
यथाकामवध्य adj. yathAkAmavadhya to be chastised or punished at pleasure
उष्यताम् Imperfect uSyatAm { uS } let something or someone be punished or chastised [passive]
निरर्बुद n. nirarbuda name of a hell in which the wicked are punished by excessive cold
वर्तयति verb caus. vartayati { vRt } offer one's self to be punished if another is proved innocent by an ordeal
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