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पुरावृत्त n. purAvRtta archive [computer]
पुरावृत्त adj. purAvRtta long past
पुरावृत्त adj. purAvRtta that which has occurred or one who has lived in former times
पुरावृत्त adj. purAvRtta ancient
पुरावृत्त n. purAvRtta former mode of action
पुरावृत्त n. purAvRtta any event or account or history of the past
पुरावृत्तसह् adj. purAvRttasah superior from ancient times
पुरावृत्तसाह् adj. purAvRttasAh superior from ancient times
पुरावृत्तकथा f. purAvRttakathA old story or legend
पुरावृत्तलेखक m. purAvRttalekhaka chronicle
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