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पुरीष n. purISa fertilizer
पुरीष n. purISa excrement
पुरीष n. purISa feces
पुरीष n. purISa dirt
पुरीष n. purISa poop
पुरीषम् उत्सृजते verb 6 purISam utsRjate { utsRj } fertilize
पुरीष n. purISa rubbish
पुरीष n. purISa earth
पुरीष n. purISa rubble
पुरीष n. purISa land
पुरीष n. purISa anything used to fill up interstices in a wall
पुरीष n. purISa orb
पुरीष n. purISa crumbling or loose earth
पुरीष n. purISa ordure
पुरीष n. purISa disk
पुरीषम m. purISama green gram [Vigna radiata - Bot.]
पुरीषण m. purISaNa feces
पुरीषण m. purISaNa rectum or anus
पुरीषण m. purISaNa excrement
पुरीषण n. purISaNa voiding of excrement
पुरिशय adj. purizaya reposing in the fortress or fastness
पुरीषवत् adj. purISavat furnished with rubbish or loose earth
पुरीषयति verb purISayati { purISaya } void excrement
पुरीषभेद m. purISabheda diarrhoea
पुरीषाधान n. purISAdhAna receptacle of excrement
पुरीषाधान n. purISAdhAna rectum
पुरीषभेदिन् adj. purISabhedin loosening the feces
पुरीषभेदिन् adj. purISabhedin relaxing the bowels
पुरीषवाहण adj. purISavAhaNa removing rubbish or refuse
पुरीषनिग्रहण adj. purISanigrahaNa stopping or obstructing the bowels
पुरीषविरञ्जनीय adj. purISaviraJjanIya changing the colour of the feces
पुरीषसङ्ग्रहणीय adj. purISasaGgrahaNIya making the feces more solid
पुरीषमूत्रप्रतिघात m. purISamUtrapratighAta obstruction of the solid and liquid excretions
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