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क्रयक्रीत adj. krayakrIta purchased
आक्रीत adj. AkrIta purchased
परिक्रीत adj. parikrIta purchased
क्रीत adj. krIta purchased
उपग्रह m. upagraha kind of peace [purchased by the cession of everything]
मूल्य n. mUlya article purchased
वीर्यशुल्क adj. vIryazulka purchased by valour
वीर्यपण adj. vIryapaNa purchased by heroism
वैंशतिक adj. vaiMzatika purchased with twenty
यवक्रीत m. yavakrIta purchased with barley
मौद्गिक adj. maudgika purchased with beans .3
शतक्री adj. zatakrI purchased with a hundred
उपक्रीय ind. upakrIya having bought or purchased
परिक्रय m. parikraya peace purchased with money
प्रतिदेय n. pratideya article purchased and given back
क्रीत adj. krIta purchased from his natural parents
रथक्रीत adj. rathakrIta purchased for the price of a chariots
परदूषण m. paradUSaNa peace purchased by the entire produce of a country
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