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शोध m. zodha purification
मार्जनी f. mArjanI purification
परिपूति f. paripUti purification
पवा f. pavA purification
मर्जू f. marjU purification
पक्ति f. pakti purification
सम्मार्ष्टि f. sammArSTi purification
परिवृज् f. parivRj purification
संसर्गी f. saMsargI purification
मार्ष्टि f. mArSTi purification
पव्या f. pavyA purification
शुद्धि f. zuddhi purification
मृजा f. mRjA purification
पूति f. pUti purification
पव m. pava purification
परिष्कार m. pariSkAra purification
मार्ज m. mArja purification
संस्कार m. saMskAra purification
सम्प्रमार्ग m. sampramArga purification
शुचि m. zuci purification
निर्मलीकरण n. nirmalIkaraNa purification
व्यवदान n. vyavadAna purification
शौच n. zauca purification
पवित्रीकरण n. pavitrIkaraNa purification
पावन n. pAvana purification
विमलिकरण n. vimalikaraNa purification
दान n. dAna purification
प्रयमण n. prayamaNa purification
शोधन n. zodhana purification
वीशोधन n. vIzodhana purification
परिशोधन n. parizodhana purification
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana purification
निदान n. nidAna purification
परिकर्मन् n. parikarman purification
पवन m. pavana or purification
आत्मशुद्धि f. Atmazuddhi self-purification
आत्मशुद्धि f. Atmazuddhi self-purification
जीवितावभृथ n. jIvitAvabhRtha life-purification
जीवितावभृथ n. jIvitAvabhRtha life-purification
शौच n. zauca self-purification
शौच n. zauca self-purification
मार्जिते ind. mArjite after purification
प्रतिशौचम् ind. pratizaucam at each purification
शौचकल्प m. zaucakalpa mode of purification
शौचविधि m. zaucavidhi rule of purification
हुताशशौच n. hutAzazauca purification by fire
सम्पवन n. sampavana perfect purification
विशुद्धि f. vizuddhi complete purification
बहिःशौच n. bahiHzauca external purification
सम्पूयन n. sampUyana complete purification
शोधन n. zodhana means of purification
भस्मस्नान n. bhasmasnAna purification by ashes
सम्प्रक्षालन n. samprakSAlana purification by water
शक्तिशोधन n. zaktizodhana purification of zakti
पवित्र n. pavitra means of purification
कोशशुद्धि f. kozazuddhi purification by ordeal
ब्रह्मसव m. brahmasava purification of prayer
शौचतस् n. zaucatas by way of purification
शोधनीय adj. zodhanIya serving for purification
पवित्रकाम adj. pavitrakAma desirous of purification
बुद्धिशुद्धि f. buddhizuddhi purification of the mind
शरीरपक्ति f. zarIrapakti purification of the body
शरीरसंस्कार m. zarIrasaMskAra Purification of the body
परापवन n. parApavana removing by purification
मार्जाल्य adj. mArjAlya delighting in purification
भूशुद्धि f. bhUzuddhi purification of the ground
रसशोधन n. rasazodhana purification of quicksilver
पवित्रत्व n. pavitratva being a means of purification
संशुद्धि f. saMzuddhi perfect purification or purity
पवित्रपति m. pavitrapati lord of purification or purity
आपवते verb Apavate { ApU } flow towards after purification
मार्जालीय adj. mArjAlIya fond of ablution or purification
परिपूति f. paripUti complete cleaning or purification
कृतशोभ adj. kRtazobha one who has performed purification
भस्मशुद्धिकर m. bhasmazuddhikara performing purification with ashes
व्यञ्जन n. vyaJjana purification of a sacrificial animal
अधिवासन n. adhivAsana preliminary purification of an image
कुशपवित्र n. kuzapavitra kuza grass as a means of purification
आचामयति verb caus. AcAmayati { Acam } cause to sip (water) for purification
परिशुद्धि f. parizuddhi complete purification or justification
शुद्धिपत्त्र n. zuddhipattra certificate of purification by penance
आचमनी n. AcamanI sipping water from the palm of the hand [before religious ceremonies , before meals for purification]
वर्षपवित्र adj. varSapavitra having the rain as means of purification
प्रेतशुद्धि f. pretazuddhi purification after the death of a kinsman
वास्तुप्रशमन n. vAstuprazamana lustration or purification of a homestead
प्रेतशौच n. pretazauca purification after the death of a kinsman
गृहशुद्धि f. gRhazuddhi ceremonies for the purification of a house
शौचेप्सु adj. zaucepsu wishing or intending to obtain purification
संशोधन n. saMzodhana purification or a means of purification refining
संशोधन n. saMzodhana purification or a means of purification refining
आचामति verb AcAmati { Acam } sip (water) from the palm of the hand for purification
द्रव्यसंस्कार m. dravyasaMskAra purification or cleansing of soiled or defiled articles
शाखापवित्र n. zAkhApavitra means or instrument of purification fastened to a branch
आचमन n. Acamana sipping water from the palm of the hand for purification
पुष्यस्नान n. puSyasnAna particular ceremony of purification performed while the moon is passing through the asterism puSya.
परिहारविशुद्धि f. parihAravizuddhi purification by such mortification and penance as are enjoined by the example of ancient saints or sages
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