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पुरुष m. puruSa man
पुरुषाः pl. puruSAH men
पुरुषपशु m. puruSapazu beast [man]
पुरुतन्त्र n. purutantra harp
पुरुषस्वभावा f. puruSasvabhAvA mannish woman
पुरुशस्वभावा f. puruzasvabhAvA Amazon
के इमे पुरुषाः ? sent. ke ime puruSAH ? Who are these men?
सः सुखी पुरुषः sent. saH sukhI puruSaH He is a happy man.
पुरु adj. puru many
पुरु adj. puru abundant
पुरु adj. puru much
पुरु m. puru paradise
पूरु m. pUru man
पूरु m. pUru people
पुरु m. puru pollen of a flower
पुरु m. puru heaven
पुरूची f. purUcI full
पुरूची f. purUcI abounding
पुरूची f. purUcI abundant
पुरूची f. purUcI comprehensive
पुरुद n. puruda gold
पुरुह adj. puruha many
पुरुह adj. puruha much
पुरुहु adj. puruhu much
पुरुहु adj. puruhu many
पुरुज adj. puruja much
पुरुष m. puruSa spirit or fragrant exhalation of plants
पुरुष m. puruSa officer
पुरुष m. puruSa pupil of the eye
पुरुष m. puruSa height or measure of a man
पुरुष m. puruSa Supreme Being or Soul of the universe
पुरुष m. puruSa soul
पुरुष m. puruSa people
पुरुष m. puruSa attendant
पुरुष m. puruSa bleeding-heart plant [Clerodendrum phlomidis - Bot.]
पुरुष m. puruSa servant
पुरुष m. puruSa human being
पुरुष m. puruSa spirit
पुरुष m. puruSa person
पुरुष m. puruSa follower of the sAMkhya Philosophy
पुरुष m. puruSa red kamala plant [Mallotus philippensis - Bot.]
पुरुष m. puruSa soul or spirit
पुरुष m. puruSa male
पुरुष m. puruSa personal and animating principle in men and other beings
पुरुष m. puruSa friend
पुरुष m. puruSa Spirit as passive and a spectator of the prakRti or creative force
पुरुष m. puruSa member or representative of a race or generation
पुरुष m. puruSa primaeval man as the soul and original source of the universe
पुरुष m. puruSa functionary
पुरुषी f. puruSI female
पुरुषी f. puruSI woman
पुरुभू adj. purubhU being or appearing in many places
पुरुध ind. purudha frequently
पुरुधा ind. purudhA frequently
पुरुध ind. purudha variously
पुरुधा ind. purudhA variously
पुरुजित् m. purujit conquering many
पुरुजित् m. purujit name of a prince the son of rucaka
पुरुजित् m. purujit name of a son of Anaka
पुरुकृत् adj. purukRt increasing
पुरुक्षु adj. purukSu rich in food
पुरुक्षु adj. purukSu liberally granting
पुरूरुच् adj. purUruc much shining
पुरुरुच् adj. pururuc shining brightly
पुरुरुज् adj. pururuj subject to many diseases
पूरुषाद् adj. pUruSAd devouring men
पुरुषाद् adj. puruSAd eating or destroying men
पुरुष्य adj. puruSya human
पुरुष्य adj. puruSya pertaining to man
पुरुत्रा ind. purutrA many times
पुरुत्रा ind. purutrA often
पुरुत्रा ind. purutrA variously
पुरुत्रा ind. purutrA in many ways or places or directions
पुरूवृत् adj. purUvRt moving in various ways
पुरुभुज् adj. purubhuj enjoying much
पुरुदम adj. purudama possessed of or belonging to many houses
पुरुदय adj. purudaya abounding in compassion
पुरुदिन n. purudina many days
पुरुद्रुह् adj. purudruh injuring greatly
पुरुहानि f. puruhAni great loss
पुरूहित m. purUhita priest
पुरुहूत adj. puruhUta much invoked or invoked by many
पुरुहूति f. puruhUti manifold invocation
पुरुजात adj. purujAta variously manifested or appearing
पुरुकृपा f. purukRpA abundant mercy or compassion
पुरुमाय adj. purumAya possessing various arts or virtues
पुरुमाय adj. purumAya wonderful
पुरुपशु adj. purupazu rich in cattle
पुरुपेश adj. purupeza multiform
पुरूरुणा ind. purUruNA far and wide
पुरुरूप adj. pururUpa variegated
पुरुरूप adj. pururUpa forming various shapes
पुरुरूप adj. pururUpa multiform
पुरुषाद m. puruSAda cannibal
पुरुषक adj. puruSaka man
पुरुषक adj. puruSaka male
पुरुषक adj. puruSaka prancing
पुरुषक adj. puruSaka the rearing of a horse
पुरुषक m.n. puruSaka standing on two feet like a man
पुरुषता f. puruSatA manliness
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