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पुरुष m. puruSa man
पुरुषाः pl. puruSAH men
पुरुषपशु m. puruSapazu beast [man]
पुरुषस्वभावा f. puruSasvabhAvA mannish woman
पुरुशस्वभावा f. puruzasvabhAvA Amazon
के इमे पुरुषाः ? sent. ke ime puruSAH ? Who are these men?
सः सुखी पुरुषः sent. saH sukhI puruSaH He is a happy man.
पुरुष m. puruSa people
पुरुष m. puruSa attendant
पुरुष m. puruSa spirit
पुरुष m. puruSa servant
पुरुष m. puruSa human being
पुरुष m. puruSa person
पुरुष m. puruSa follower of the sAMkhya Philosophy
पुरुष m. puruSa soul or spirit
पुरुष m. puruSa male
पुरुष m. puruSa personal and animating principle in men and other beings
पुरुष m. puruSa friend
पुरुष m. puruSa Spirit as passive and a spectator of the prakRti or creative force
पुरुष m. puruSa bleeding-heart plant [Clerodendrum phlomidis - Bot.]
पुरुष m. puruSa member or representative of a race or generation
पुरुष m. puruSa primaeval man as the soul and original source of the universe
पुरुष m. puruSa functionary
पुरुष m. puruSa spirit or fragrant exhalation of plants
पुरुष m. puruSa red kamala plant [Mallotus philippensis - Bot.]
पुरुष m. puruSa officer
पुरुष m. puruSa soul
पुरुष m. puruSa pupil of the eye
पुरुष m. puruSa height or measure of a man
पुरुष m. puruSa Supreme Being or Soul of the universe
पुरुषाद् adj. puruSAd eating or destroying men
पूरुषाद् adj. pUruSAd devouring men
पुरुषाद m. puruSAda cannibal
पुरुषक adj. puruSaka prancing
पुरुषक adj. puruSaka the rearing of a horse
पुरुषक adj. puruSaka man
पुरुषक adj. puruSaka male
पुरुषक m.n. puruSaka standing on two feet like a man
पुरुषता f. puruSatA manhood
पुरुषता f. puruSatA manliness
पुरुषता ind. puruSatA after the manner of men
पुरुषता ind. puruSatA among men
पुरुशाक m. puruzAka helpful
पुरुषाद्य m. puruSAdya first of men
पुरुषाङ्ग n. puruSAGga male organ of generation
पुरुषान्न n. puruSAnna food for men
पुरुषत्व n. puruSatva manliness
पुरुषत्व n. puruSatva manhood
पुरुषवाच् adj. puruSavAc having a human voice
पुरुषवत् adj. puruSavat accompanied by men
पुरुषाशिन् m. puruSAzin demon
पुरुषाशिन् m. puruSAzin man-eater
पुरुशक्ति adj. puruzakti possessing various powers
पुरुषादक adj. puruSAdaka men-devouring
पुरुषद्विष् m. puruSadviS enemy of viSNu
पूरुषघ्न adj. pUruSaghna slaying men
पुरुषघ्नी f. puruSaghnI woman who kills her husband
पुरुषाहुति f. puruSAhuti invocation addressed to men
पुरुषाजान adj. puruSAjAna of human descent or origin
पुरुषजन m. puruSajana people
पुरुषकाम adj. puruSakAma desirous of men
पुरुषाकार adj. puruSAkAra of human form or shape
पुरुषकार m. puruSakAra haughtiness
पुरुषकार m. puruSakAra virility
पुरुषकार m. puruSakAra heroism
पुरुषकार m. puruSakAra manly act
पुरुषकार m. puruSakAra human effort
पुरुषकार m. puruSakAra pride
पुरुषाकृति f. puruSAkRti figure of a man
पुरुषमृग m. puruSamRga male antelope
पुरुषनाय m. puruSanAya man superior to other people
पुरुषनाय m. puruSanAya man-leader
पुरुषनाय m. puruSanAya prince
पुरुषानृत n. puruSAnRta falsehood respecting men
पुरुषपति m. puruSapati lord of men
पुरुषपशु m. puruSapazu soul compared with animal
पुरुषपशु m. puruSapazu brutal man
पुरुषपशु m. puruSapazu human animal
पुरुषपशु m. puruSapazu man
पुरुषपशु m. puruSapazu man as a sacrificial victim
पुरुषपशु m. puruSapazu beast of man
पुरुषपुर n. puruSapura modern Peshawar
पुरुषराज m. puruSarAja human king
पुरुषार्थ m. puruSArtha any object of human pursuit
पुरुषार्थ m. puruSArtha any one of the four objects or aims of existence
पुरुषार्थ m. puruSArtha human effort or exertion
पुरुषरूप n. puruSarUpa shape of a man
पुरुषास्थ n. puruSAstha human bone
पुरुषवाह m. puruSavAha viSNu's vehicle
पुरुषवर m. puruSavara best of men
पुरुषायण adj. puruSAyaNa going to or uniting with the soul
पुरुषायत adj. puruSAyata of the length of a man
पुरुषायते verb puruSAyate { puruSAya } play the man
पुरुषायते verb puruSAyate { puruSAya } behave or act like a man
पुरुषायित adj. puruSAyita acting like a man
पुरुषायित adj. puruSAyita playing the man
पुरुषायित n. puruSAyita kind of coitus
पुरुषयोनि adj. puruSayoni descended from or begotten by a man
पुरुषायुष n. puruSAyuSa age of man
पुरुषायुष n. puruSAyuSa duration of a man's life
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