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राज्ञी f. rAjJI queen
देवी f. devI queen
ईश्वर adj. Izvara queen
नृपत्नी f. nRpatnI queen
रानी f. rAnI queen
राजभार्या f. rAjabhAryA queen
नृपवल्लभा f. nRpavallabhA queen
ईश्वरी f. IzvarI queen
अवन्ती f. avantI queen
राजपत्नी f. rAjapatnI queen
नृदेवी f. nRdevI queen
देवी f. devI queen
राजस्त्री f. rAjastrI queen
विराज्ञी f. virAjJI queen
नृपाङ्गना f. nRpAGganA queen
राजयोषित् f. rAjayoSit queen
जाज्ञी f. jAjJI queen
मन्त्रिन् m. mantrin queen
अन्तःपुर n. antaHpura queen
एकराज्ञी f. ekarAjJI only queen
सर्पराज्ञी f. sarparAjJI snake-queen
सर्पराज्ञी f. sarparAjJI snake-queen
अग्रदेवी f. agradevI chief queen
जनन n. janana queen-mother
जनन n. janana queen-mother
जनन n. janana queen-mother
कांस्य n. kAMsya queen's metal
एकराज्ञी f. ekarAjJI absolute queen
पट्टदेवी f. paTTadevI turbaned queen
महाराज्ञी f. mahArAjJI reigning queen
अग्रमहिषी f. agramahiSI principal queen
हिन्ताल m. hintAla Queen Sago palm [Cycas circinalis - Bot.]
देवीकृति f. devIkRti queen's creation
कर्णाटी f. karNATI queen of karNATa
भृङ्गाधिप m. bhRGgAdhipa queen of the bees
देवीभाव m. devIbhAva dignity of a queen
विराज् adj. virAj chief. king or queen
भार्गी f. bhArgI queen of the bhargas
उशीनराणी f. uzInarANI queen of that people
देवीगृह n. devIgRha apartment of a queen
अनुला f. anulA also of a queen of Ceylon
सिन्धुराज्ञी f. sindhurAjJI having the sindhu as queen
वाजपत्नी f. vAjapatnI queen of booty or treasure
राज्ञीपद n. rAjJIpada rank or dignity of a queen
अवरोध m. avarodha queen's or women's apartments
मधुवृषापति m. madhuvRSApati king of bees i.e. the queen bee
अवरोधिक m. avarodhika guard of the queen's apartments
मधुकरराजन् m. madhukararAjan king of bees i.e. the queen bees
देवीत्व n. devItva state or rank of a goddess or queen
सदेवीक adj. sadevIka along with or accompanied by a queen
पीतलोह m. pItaloha queen's metal or a mixed metal resembling gold
महिषी f. mahiSI first or consecrated wife of a king or any queen
सम्राज्ञी f. samrAjJI queen or any woman or mistress who is superior in rank [wife of samrAT (emperor)]
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