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धृत adj. dhRta quoted
आम्नात adj. AmnAta quoted
उत्पन्न adj. utpanna quoted
उदाहरणीय adj. udAharaNIya to be quoted as example
आम्नातव्य adj. AmnAtavya to be mentioned or quoted
उत्पत्ति f. utpatti being mentioned or quoted
एकपातिन् adj. ekapAtin quoted together as one verse
उत्पत्तिवाक्य n. utpattivAkya sentence quoted from the veda
आम्नातिन् m. AmnAtin one who has mentioned or quoted
निगमन n. nigamana quotation of words and the word quoted
निगम m. nigama place or passage where a word occurs or the actual word quoted from such a passage
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