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रुदन् rudan weeping
रुदन् आसीत् sent. rudan AsIt he was crying
पत्त्रा रूढ adj. pattrA rUDha committed to paper
रूढचिन्तन n. rUDhacintana paradigm [computer]
रूड ppp. rUDa grown
ऋधक् ind. Rdhak in a distinguished manner
ऋधक् ind. Rdhak one by one
ऋधक् ind. Rdhak apart
ऋधक् ind. Rdhak singly
ऋधक् ind. Rdhak aside
ऋधक् ind. Rdhak separately
ऋधक् ind. Rdhak particularly
रूढ adj. rUDha notorious
रूढ adj. rUDha healed
रूढ adj. rUDha certain
रूढ adj. rUDha large
रूढ adj. rUDha famous
रूढ adj. rUDha ascertained
रूढ adj. rUDha obscure
रूढ adj. rUDha high
रूढ adj. rUDha conventional
रूढ adj. rUDha spread about
रूढ adj. rUDha lifted up
रूढ adj. rUDha great
रूढ adj. rUDha popular
रूढ adj. rUDha imposed on
रूढ adj. rUDha current
रूढ adj. rUDha sprung up
रूढ adj. rUDha mounted
रूढ adj. rUDha grown
रूढ adj. rUDha blown
रूढ adj. rUDha produced from
रूढ adj. rUDha increased
रूढ adj. rUDha developed
रूढ adj. rUDha traditional
रूढ adj. rUDha acquainted or conversant with
रूढ adj. rUDha noble
रूढ adj. rUDha grown together
रूढ adj. rUDha budded
रूढ adj. rUDha risen
रूढ adj. rUDha laden
रूढ adj. rUDha diffused
रूढ adj. rUDha widely known
रूढ adj. rUDha ascended
रूढ m. rUDha scar
रूढ m. rUDha barley
रुदन n. rudana weeping
रुदन n. rudana act of crying
रुदन n. rudana lamentation
ऋधद्री adj. RdhadrI exceedingly swift
ऋधद्री adj. RdhadrI one whose speed is increasing or excessive
रुदन्ती f. rudantI weeper
रुदथ m. rudatha dog
रुदथ m. rudatha pupil
रुदथ m. rudatha scholar
रुदथ m. rudatha child
रुदथ m. rudatha cock
रुधति verb 1 Atm rudhati { ruh } grow
ऋधद्वार adj. RdhadvAra one whose wealth is increasing or abundant
ऋधद्वार adj. RdhadvAra abounding in wealth
रुदन्तिका f. rudantikA weeper
रूढमूल adj. rUDhamUla one who has taken root
रूढयोग adj. rUDhayoga one whose yoga or devotion has increased
रूढमन्यु adj. rUDhamanyu one whose passion has grown strong
रूढव्रण adj. rUDhavraNa one whose wounds are healed
ऋधङ्मन्त्र adj. RdhaGmantra one who is destitute of speech
रूढश्मश्रु adj. rUDhazmazru one whose beard his grown
पत्त्रा रूढ adj. pattrA rUDha written down
रूढग्रन्थि adj. rUDhagranthi forming a knot
रूढमूलत्व n. rUDhamUlatva having taken firm root
रूढमूलत्व n. rUDhamUlatva firmness
रूढपर्याय adj. rUDhaparyAya in which the regularly returning formulas are constantly increasing
रूढप्रणय adj. rUDhapraNaya one whose love or affection has grown strong
रूढसौहृद adj. rUDhasauhRda firm in friendship
रूढसौहृद adj. rUDhasauhRda one whose friendship is grown or increased
रूढसौहृद adj. rUDhasauhRda intimate
रूढस्कन्ध adj. rUDhaskandha whose stem or trunk has grown
रूढस्कन्ध adj. rUDhaskandha high
रूढस्कन्ध adj. rUDhaskandha lofty
रूढयौवन adj. rUDhayauvana one who has attained to youth or adolescence
रूढशाद्वल adj. rUDhazAdvala whose grass has grown high
रूढतृणाङ्कुर adj. rUDhatRNAGkura on the roof of which young grass has sprouted
रूढपरिच्छद adj. rUDhaparicchada laden with chattels
रूढरागप्रवाल adj. rUDharAgapravAla in which the sprouts of affection have grown strong
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