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पूर्वापर-रञ्जक m. pUrvApara-raJjaka cross-dye
पूर्वापर-रञ्जक हरि m. pUrvApara-raJjaka hari cross green
पूर्वापर-रञ्जक काल m. pUrvApara-raJjaka kAla cross-dye black [Col. Ind.]
पूर्वापर-रञ्जक पीत m. pUrvApara-raJjaka pIta cross yellow
पूर्वापर-रञ्जक बभ्रु m. pUrvApara-raJjaka babhru cross brown
पूर्वापर-रञ्जक शुल्बा काल m. pUrvApara-raJjaka zulbA kAla cross sulphon black
पूर्वापर-रञ्जक भासुर हरि m. pUrvApara-raJjaka bhAsura hari cross brilliant green
पूर्वापर-रञ्जक गाढ बभ्रु m. pUrvApara-raJjaka gADha babhru cross deep brown
रञ्जक adj. raJjaka dyeing
रञ्जक adj. raJjaka exciting passion or love
रञ्जक adj. raJjaka charming
रञ्जक adj. raJjaka colouring
रञ्जक adj. raJjaka delighting
रञ्जक adj. raJjaka pleasing
रञ्जक adj. raJjaka coloring or dyeing
रञ्जक m. raJjaka stimulus
रञ्जक m. raJjaka biliary humour on which vision depends
रञ्जक m. raJjaka dyer
रञ्जक m. raJjaka inciter of affection
रञ्जक m. raJjaka red powder on the capsules of the red kamala plant [Mallotus philippensis - Bot.]
रञ्जक m. raJjaka painter
रञ्जक m. raJjaka colourist
रञ्जक n. raJjaka vermilion
रञ्जक n. raJjaka cinnabar
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