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रसज्ञ adj. rasajJa familiar with
रसज्ञ adj. rasajJa appreciative
रसज्ञत्व n. rasajJatva knowledge of flavours
रसज्ञत्व n. rasajJatva poetical skill or taste
रसज्ञत्व n. rasajJatva experience
रसज्ञत्व n. rasajJatva discrimination
रसज्ञ adj. rasajJa knowing tastes or the taste of
रसज्ञ f. rasajJa tongue
रसज्ञ m. rasajJa poet or any writer who understands the rasas
रसज्ञ m. rasajJa alchemist who understands the magical properties of mercury
रसज्ञ m. rasajJa physician or any preparer of mercurial and chemical compounds
रसज्ञान n. rasajJAna knowledge of tastes
रसज्ञता f. rasajJatA familiarity with
रसज्ञता f. rasajJatA judgement
रसज्ञता f. rasajJatA alchemy
रसज्ञता f. rasajJatA knowledge of flavours
रसज्ञता f. rasajJatA discrimination
रसज्ञता f. rasajJatA poetical skill or taste
रसज्ञता f. rasajJatA experience
रसज्ञत्व n. rasajJatva judgement
रसज्ञत्व n. rasajJatva familiarity with
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