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राशीकरण n. rAzIkaraNa accumulation
रसिक adj. rasika having a discriminating taste
रसिक adj. rasika lustful
रसिक adj. rasika elegant
रसिक adj. rasika having a taste for or a sense of
रसिक adj. rasika appreciating
रसिक adj. rasika fanciful
रसिक adj. rasika aesthetic
रसिक adj. rasika delighting in
रसिक adj. rasika sentimental
रसिक adj. rasika fond of
रसिक adj. rasika devoted to
रसिक adj. rasika graceful
रसिक adj. rasika tasteful
रसिका f. rasikA tongue
रसिका f. rasikA chyle
रसिका f. rasikA emotional wife
रसिका f. rasikA curds with sugar and spice
रसिका f. rasikA molasses
रसिका f. rasikA woman's girdle
रसिका f. rasikA juice of sugar-cane
रसिक m. rasika Indian crane [ Ardea Sibirica - Zoo. ]
रसिक m. rasika elephant
रसिक m. rasika man full of taste or feeling
रसिक m. rasika unboiled juice of sugar-cane
रसिक m. rasika horse
रसिक m. rasika libertine
राशिक adj. rAzika consisting of a particular sum or number of quantities
रसिकता f. rasikatA aesthetics
रसिकत्व n. rasikatva devotion or addiction to
रसिकत्व n. rasikatva sense of
रसिकत्व n. rasikatva taste or fondness for
राशीकरण n. rAzIkaraNa piling together
राशीकरण n. rAzIkaraNa making into a heap
राशीकरोति verb rAzIkaroti { rAzIkR } form into a heap
राशीकरोति verb rAzIkaroti { rAzIkR } pile up
राशीकरोति verb rAzIkaroti { rAzIkR } accumulate
रसिकाभार्य m. rasikAbhArya one who has a wife liable to strong emotions or feelings
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