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परस्परम् adverb parasparam reciprocally
मिथ adj. mitha reciprocal
व्यतिकर adj. vyatikara reciprocal
इतरेतर adj. itaretara reciprocal
परस्पर adj. paraspara reciprocal
अन्योन्य adj. anyonya reciprocal
परस्पराश्रय adj. parasparAzraya reciprocal
अन्योन्यगत adj. anyonyagata reciprocal
मितरेतरम् adverb mitaretaram reciprocally
मिथः adverb mithaH reciprocally
अपरस्पर adj. aparaspara not reciprocal
अन्योन्योपमा f. anyonyopamA reciprocal simile
अन्योन्यव्यतिकर m. anyonyavyatikara reciprocal action
व्यतिकर m. vyatikara reciprocal action
व्यतिकर adj. vyatikara acting reciprocally
कोपाकोपि ind. kopAkopi in reciprocal wrath
अन्योन्यसंश्रय m. anyonyasaMzraya reciprocal relation
व्यतिकर m. vyatikara reciprocal relation
उपमेयोपमा f. upameyopamA reciprocal comparison
अङ्गाङ्गि ind. aGgAGgi jointly or reciprocally
पपीति f. papIti mutual or reciprocal drinking
व्यतिकर m. vyatikara reciprocal action or relation
व्यतिवहते verb vyativahate { vyativAh } bear mutually or reciprocally
व्यतिषङ्ग m. vyatiSaGga reciprocal junction or relation
अन्योन्याश्रय m. anyonyAzraya mutual or reciprocal support or connection or dependence
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