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परिकल्पना f. parikalpanA reckoning
आकलन n. Akalana reckoning
गणित n. gaNita reckoning
गणन n. gaNana reckoning
विगणन n. vigaNana reckoning
सङ्ख्यान n. saGkhyAna reckoning up
गणनापत्त्रिका f. gaNanApattrikA reckoning-book
गणनापत्त्रिका f. gaNanApattrikA reckoning-book
गणनापत्त्रिका f. gaNanApattrikA reckoning-book
रेखागणित n. rekhAgaNita line-reckoning
रेखागणित n. rekhAgaNita line-reckoning
उपसङ्ख्यान n. upasaGkhyAna reckoning along with
सङ्ख्य adj. saGkhya reckoning or summing up
सङ्ख्या f. saGkhyA reckoning or summing up
गण्डक m. gaNDaka mode of reckoning by fours
अग्रगणना f. agragaNanA reckoning or placing uppermost
गर्भद्वादश m. garbhadvAdaza 12th year reckoning from conception
गर्भैकादश m. garbhaikAdaza 11th year reckoning from conception
गर्भाष्टम m. garbhASTama eighth year reckoning from conception
द्यून n. dyUna 7th sign of the zodiac reckoning from that which the sun has entered
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