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उल्लेख m. ullekha reference
निर्देश m. nirdeza reference
निगम m. nigama reference [lit.]
सन्दर्भ m. sandarbha reference
अन्योन्यसङ्केत m. anyonyasaGketa circular reference [computer]
अन्योन्याश्रय m. anyonyAzraya circular reference [computer]
स्थिरसङ्केत m. sthirasaGketa absolute reference [computer]
अपेक्षा f. apekSA reference
उपन्यास m. upanyAsa reference
बन्धु m. bandhu reference
प्रस्ताव m. prastAva reference
अनूकाश m. anUkAza reference
अधिकार m. adhikAra reference
लक्षण n. lakSaNa reference
उपदेश m. upadeza reference to
प्रापण n. prApaNa reference to
अभिमति f. abhimati self reference
उद्दिश्य adj. uddizya with reference to
उपरि adverb upari with reference to
अन्तरेण ind. antareNa with reference to
उपरिष्टात् ind. upariSTAt with reference to
अभिसमीक्ष्य ind. abhisamIkSya with reference to
अधिकृत्य indecl. adhikRtya with reference to
प्रतिनिर्देश m. pratinirdeza reference back to
तादर्थ्य n. tAdarthya reference to that
प्रति prep. prati with reference to
निर्दिशति verb nirdizati make reference to
अपदिशति verb 6 apadizati { apa- diz } have reference to
तात्पर्य n. tAtparya reference to any object
अभ्यनुवदति verb abhyanuvadati { abhyanuvad } utter with reference to
प्रस्तोभ m. prastobha allusion or reference to
अनपेक्षत्वात् ind. anapekSatvAt since has no reference to
अभिवदति verb abhivadati { abhivad } declare with reference to
समुद्दिश्य ind. samuddizya with reference or regard to
अनपेक्षत्वात् ind. anapekSatvAt from having no reference to
अपेक्ष्य ind. apekSya with regard or reference to
अनुदेश m. anudeza reference to something prior
संश्रय m. saMzraya relationship or reference to
अनुरोध m. anurodha reference or bearing of a rule
आपेक्षिक adj. ApekSika having relation or reference to
अभ्यनुवक्ति verb abhyanuvakti { abhyanuvac } state or utter with reference to
समवदिशति verb samavadizati { samavadiz } explain with reference to anything
अभ्यनूक्त adj. abhyanUkta stated or uttered with reference to
अभिकरोति verb abhikaroti { abhikR } do with reference to or in behalf of
शक्त्यपेक्ष adj. zaktyapekSa having regard or reference to ability
अभ्युक्त adj. abhyukta declared or uttered with reference to
अभ्युद्दिशति verb abhyuddizati { abhyuddiz } point at anything above with reference to
उन्मीलित n. unmIlita unconcealed or open reference or allusion to
अनुवाद m. anuvAda explanatory reference to anything already said
लघुमूल n. laghumUla least root with reference to the additive quantities
तत्कर्तव्य adj. tatkartavya proper to be done with reference to any particular circumstance
ग्रहशृङ्गाटक n. grahazRGgATaka triangular position of the planets with reference to each other
एकोद्दिष्ट n. ekoddiSTa funeral ceremony having reference to one individual recently dead
अन्तरङ्ग adj. antaraGga having reference to the essential part of the aGga or base of a word
सन्धाय ind. sandhAya having formed an alliance or settled terms of peace with reference to
लुङ् luG aorist - past action indefinitely, without reference to any particular time [gramm. - Sanskrit]
एकानुदिष्ट n. ekAnudiSTa name of funeral ceremony having reference to only one ancestor recently dead
सामवेद m. sAmaveda 124 it is described as having a special reference to the pitRs or deceased ancestors
अवलगित n. avalagita addition made in the prologue of a drama and not having any particular reference to the latter
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