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प्रत्यादिशत् adj. pratyAdizat rejected
पराहत adj. parAhata rejected
कदर्थित adj. kadarthita rejected
प्रत्युदित adj. pratyudita rejected
विहत adj. vihata rejected
प्रत्याहत adj. pratyAhata rejected
परास्त adj. parAsta rejected
जहित adj. jahita rejected
प्रणाय्य adj. praNAyya rejected
निरववसित adj. niravavasita rejected
विष्कम्भित adj. viSkambhita rejected
इतर adj. itara rejected
प्रत्याख्यात adj. pratyAkhyAta rejected
परावृक्त adj. parAvRkta rejected
निक्षिप्त adj. nikSipta rejected
यातयाम adj. yAtayAma rejected
प्रतिकृष्ट adj. pratikRSTa rejected
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha rejected
व्यपविद्ध adj. vyapaviddha rejected
उच्छिष्ट adj. ucchiSTa rejected
पर्युदस्त adj. paryudasta rejected
निराकृत adj. nirAkRta rejected
यातयामन् adj. yAtayAman rejected
पराकृत adj. parAkRta rejected
उत्क्षिप्त adj. utkSipta rejected
प्रत्यूढ adj. pratyUDha rejected
अवधूत adj. avadhUta rejected
निरस्त ppp. nirasta rejected
विसीदति verb 1 visIdati { vi- sad } be rejected
प्रतिविधेय adj. pratividheya to be rejected
अग्राह्य adj. agrAhya to be rejected
प्रत्याम्नातव्य adj. pratyAmnAtavya to be rejected
निराकृत्य ppp. nirAkRtya having rejected
अनपक्षेप्य adj. anapakSepya not to be rejected
अनिमित्तनिराकृत adj. animittanirAkRta groundlessly rejected
बहिष्कृत adj. bahiSkRta rejected or abandoned by
निरसनीय adj. nirasanIya to be rejected or refused
लीढमुक्त adj. lIDhamukta rejected after being tasted
निरस्य ind. nirasya having rejected or expelled
भुक्तोच्छिष्ट n. bhuktocchiSTa rejected leavings or remnants of food
प्रतिषेध्य adj. pratiSedhya to be prevented or rejected or prohibited
हेय adj. heya to be left or quitted or abandoned or rejected or avoided
अपविद्धपुत्र m. apaviddhaputra son rejected by his natural parents and adopted by a stranger
पश्चात्ताप m. pazcAttApa repentance at something rejected or omitted from want of judgement
अवधूतवेष adj. avadhUtaveSa wearing unclean clothes or wearing the clothes of one who is rejected
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