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सम्बब्धु m. sambabdhu relative
स्वजन m. svajana relative
निज m. nija relative
बाब्धव m. bAbdhava relative
सञ्जात m. saJjAta relative
बन्धू भवति verb bandhU bhavati { bandhUbhU } become a relative of
तत m. tata fond name for any relative
श्राद्ध n. zrAddha ceremony in honour of dead relatives
वरस्य पश्चाद् बन्धवः सीदन्ति. sent. varasya pazcAd bandhavaH sIdanti. The relatives sit behind the bridegroom.
प्रतियोगिक adj. pratiyogika relative
जामि adj. jAmi relative
आपेक्षिक adj. ApekSika relative
तुल्यकुल्य m. tulyakulya relative
अनुकम्प्य m. anukampya relative
सम्बन्धु m. sambandhu relative
बन्धु m. bandhu relative
स्व m. sva relative
बान्धव m. bAndhava relative
सम्बन्ध m. sambandha relative
सम्बन्धिन् m. sambandhin relative
बान्धवजन m. bAndhavajana relatives [kinsmen]
जनित्र n. janitra relatives
सम्बन्धिन् adj. sambandhin a relative
उद्देशेन ind. uddezena relative to
उद्देशात् ind. uddezAt relative to
अपरता f. aparatA relativeness
कुबन्धु m. kubandhu bad relative
ज्ञास् m. jJAs near relative
सहबान्धव adj. sahabAndhava with relatives
बान्धवी f. bAndhavI female relative
सारासार n. sArAsAra relative quality
बन्धुहीन adj. bandhuhIna without relatives
निःसम्बन्ध adj. niHsambandha without relatives
ज्ञातिपुत्र m. jJAtiputra son of a relative
तातल m. tAtala fatherly relative
सारासार n. sArAsAra relative strength
एकोदक adj. ekodaka a kind of relative
यथाश्रुत n. yathAzruta relative tradition
अन्योन्याभाव m. anyonyAbhAva relative difference
उपमातृ f. upamAtR near female relative
यथासङ्ख्य n. yathAsaGkhya relative enumeration
प्रतिसामर्थ्य n. pratisAmarthya relative suitableness
बन्धुशोक m. bandhuzoka mourning for a relative
आपेक्षिकत्व n. ApekSikatva state of being relative
एकशरीरिन् adj. ekazarIrin i.e. having no relatives
समानबन्धु adj. samAnabandhu having the same relatives
गोबन्धु adj. gobandhu having a cow as a relative
ज्ञातिभेद m. jJAtibheda dissension among relatives
शुचिबन्धु adj. zucibandhu having a brilliant relative
परापरता f. parAparatA absolute and relative state
परापरत्व n. parAparatva absolute and relative state
वर्षाकालिक adj. varSAkAlika relative to the rainy season
गुरुलाघव n. gurulAghava relative importance or value
सम्बन्धिभिन्न adj. sambandhibhinna divided or shared by relatives
स्वयोनि f. svayoni sister or near female relative
बहुव्रीहि m. bahuvrIhi relative or adjective compound
जामिशंस m. jAmizaMsa curse pronounced by a relative
सजातशंस m. sajAtazaMsa curse uttered by one's relatives
बान्धवक adj. bAndhavaka belonging to relatives or friends
ज्ञातिमुख adj. jJAtimukha having the appearance of a relative
लावण्यार्जित n. lAvaNyArjita individual property of married woman [acquired independently from friends relatives as gift - Law]
जलक्रिया f. jalakriyA presenting water to deceased relatives
बहुव्रीहिवत् ind. bahuvrIhivat like a bahu-vrIhi or relative compound
प्रभूतक m. prabhUtaka particular class of deceased relatives
प्रहीण adj. prahINa standing alone i.e. having no relatives
जामि f. jAmi female relative of the head of a family
सुजामि adj. sujAmi well endowed with siblings and relatives
संसर्गिन् adj. saMsargin one who lives together with his relatives
सुजामि adj. sujAmi rich in brothers and sisters or relatives
ससुहृन्मित्रबान्धव adj. sasuhRnmitrabAndhava with friends and companions and relatives
निर्धूत m. nirdhUta man abandoned by his relatives or friends
श्राद्धदिन n. zrAddhadina anniversary of the death of a near relative
स्त्रीधर्मयोग m. strIdharmayoga application of laws or customs relative to women
m. ya actual base of the relative pronoun in declension
जम्बूल n. jambUla jests addressed to the bridegroom by his female relatives
उपवृत्त adj. upavRtta a circle in a particular position relatively to another one
प्रत्यनीक n. pratyanIka injuring the relatives of an enemy who cannot be injured himself
जम्बूलमालिका f. jambUlamAlikA jesting compliments addressed to the bridegroom by his female relatives
देशवृत्त n. dezavRtta circle depending upon its relative position to the place of the observer
बलाबल n. balAbala relative strength or power or weight or highness or dignity or importance
गन्धर्वविवाह m. gandharvavivAha marriage proceeding entirely from love without ceremonies and without consulting relatives
प्रेतश्राद्ध n. pretazrAddha obsequial ceremonies performed for a relative at death and every month for a year and at every anniversary after death
सौदायिक adj. saudAyika that which is given to a woman at her marriage by her father or mother or any relative and therefore becomes her property
श्राद्ध n. zrAddha ceremony in honour and for the benefit of dead relatives observed with great strictness at various fixed periods and on occasion
श्राद्ध n. zrAddha ceremony in honour and for the benefit of dead relatives observed with great strictness at various fixed periods and on occasion
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