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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
मत n. mata religion
वैशिक धर्म m. vaizika dharma tribal religion
धर्म m. dharma religion
हिन्दुधर्म m. hindudharma Hindu religion
जिनमत n. jinamata Jaina religion
धर्मयुग n. dharmayuga age of religion
धर्मदिन्ना f. dharmadinnA given by religion
धर्मवल्लभ m. dharmavallabha lover of religion
धर्मारण्य n. dharmAraNya grove of religion
अपृथग्धर्मशील adj. apRthagdharmazIla of the same religion
धर्मसंश्रय m. dharmasaMzraya practice of religion
आर्यधर्म m. Aryadharma religion of the Aryans
धर्मत्याग m. dharmatyAga abandonment of religion
साधर्म्य n. sAdharmya being of the same religion
अधर्म्य adj. adharmya contrary to law or religion
धर्मकार्य n. dharmakArya any act of duty or religion
धर्मोपध adj. dharmopadha making a pretence of religion
धर्मभगिनी f. dharmabhaginI sister in respect of religion
स्वधर्मत्याग m. svadharmatyAga abandoning one's own religion
गण m. gaNa sect in philosophy or religion
धर्ममूल n. dharmamUla foundation of law and religion
धर्ममहामात्र m. dharmamahAmAtra minister in matters of religion
स्नात m. snAta one who has finished his religion
साधर्मिक m. sAdharmika one of the same faith or religion
महावीर m. mahAvIra mahAvIra, founder of Jaina religion
वैनेय adj. vaineya to be converted to the true religion
धर्मतत्त्वविद् adj. dharmatattvavid knowing the truths of laws or religion
ब्रह्मद्विष् adj. brahmadviS hostile to sacred knowledge or religion
धर्मभ्रातृ m. dharmabhrAtR brother in respect of religion or piety
धर्माभिमनस् adj. dharmAbhimanas directing the mind to virtue or religion
आर्य m. Arya one who is faithful to the religion of his country
धर्मार्थप्रतिबद्धता f. dharmArthapratibaddhatA attachment to duty and interest or to religion and wealth
धर्मार्थदर्शिन् adj. dharmArthadarzin having an eye to duty and interest or to religion and wealth
प्रवृत्तिमार्ग m. pravRttimArga occupancy about the business and pleasures of the world or with the rites and works of religion
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