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अवशेष m. avazeSa remnant
सम्पात m. sampAta remnant
अतिशेष m. atizeSa remnant
अतिसर्ग m. atisarga remnant
परिशेष m. n. parizeSa remnant
शिष्ट n. ziSTa remnant
समुज्झित n. samujjhita remnant
श्वानोच्छिष्ट n. zvAnocchiSTa dog-remnant
श्वानोच्छिष्ट n. zvAnocchiSTa dog-remnant
भक्षितशेष m. bhakSitazeSa remnants of food
फेल n. phela remnants of food
अतिसृजति verb atisRjati leave as remnant
अवशेषित adj. avazeSita left as a remnant
जुष्ट n. juSTa remnants of a meal
भुक्तशेष n. bhuktazeSa remnants of a meal
अवशेषयति verb caus. avazeSayati { avaziS } leave as a remnant
शिष्टाशिन् adj. ziSTAzin feeding on remnants
शिष्टाशन adj. ziSTAzana feeding on remnants
शेषकरण n. zeSakaraNa leaving a remnant of
अवशिष्यते verb avaziSyate { avaziS } be left as a remnant
शेषावचयन n. zeSAvacayana gathering up remnants
हविःशेष m. haviHzeSa remnant of a sacrifice
मल्ल m. malla remnant of an oblation
हुतशिष्ट n. hutaziSTa remnant of an oblation
यज्ञशिष्ट n. yajJaziSTa remnants of a sacrifice
केशश्हकरण n. kezazhakaraNa leaving a remnant of hair
शिष्टभक्ष m. ziSTabhakSa eating of remnants of food
शेषभोजन n. zeSabhojana eating the remnant of food
अवशेषम् ind. avazeSam so as to leave as a remnant
देवशेष n. devazeSa remnants of a god's sacrifice
दर्व्युदायुवन n. darvyudAyuvana remnants clinging to the spoon
सम्पातक adj. sampAtaka relating to a remnant or residue
हविःशेषभक्ष adj. haviHzeSabhakSa eating the remnant of a sacrifice
अलून m. alUna no remnant or remaining particles
सशेषान्न adj. sazeSAnna one who eats up the remnants of food
सम्पातयति verb sampAtayati { sampAtaya } sprinkle with the remnant of a fluid
हुतशिष्टाशन adj. hutaziSTAzana feeding on the remnant of an oblation
उच्छिष्टता f. ucchiSTatA state of being a remnant or remainder
उच्छिष्टत्व n. ucchiSTatva state of being a remnant or remainder
भुक्तोच्छिष्ट n. bhuktocchiSTa rejected leavings or remnants of food
सरजसम् ind. sarajasam with the dust i.e. with the last remnant
अशूद्रोच्छिष्टिन् adj. azUdrocchiSTin not giving the remnants of food to a zUdra
प्रसाद m. prasAda the remnants of food left by a spiritual teacher
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