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उक्तम् एव वदति सः sent. uktam eva vadati saH He has been repeating the same thing.
आभ्यासिक adj. AbhyAsika repeating
अभ्यासिन् adj. abhyAsin repeating
आवर्तम् ind. Avartam repeating
अनुवाक m. anuvAka repeating
कीर्तन n. kIrtana repeating
आवर्तन n. Avartana repeating
पुनरभ्यावर्तम् ind. punarabhyAvartam while repeating
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya repeating to oneself
अनुचर्चि adj. anucarci reciting or repeating
मञ्जुपाठक m. maJjupAThaka repeating beautifully
सकलवेदाध्यायिन् adj. sakalavedAdhyAyin repeating all the Vedas
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya repeating the veda aloud
पुनरुक्तवादिन् adj. punaruktavAdin repeating the same things
आनुगादिक adj. AnugAdika repeating another's words
अनुगादिन् adj. anugAdin repeating another's words
चर्च m. carca repeating over in thought
अननुभाषण n. ananubhASaNa not repeating a proposition
स्वाध्यायिन् adj. svAdhyAyin repeating or reciting the veda
संहिताध्यायिन् adj. saMhitAdhyAyin repeating the saMhitA of a veda
अनधीत्य adj. anadhItya without going over or repeating
अनुवाद m. anuvAda repeating by way of explanation
वेदानध्ययन n. vedAnadhyayana remissness in repeating the veda
संहिताध्ययन n. saMhitAdhyayana repeating of the saMhitA of a veda
आवृत्तिदीपक n. AvRttidIpaka enforcing a statement by repeating it
अनुवादक adj. anuvAdaka repeating with comment and explanation
अनुवादिन् adj. anuvAdin repeating with comment and explanation
हरिहरकथा f. hariharakathA repeating of the names of viSNu and ziva
स्वाध्याय m. svAdhyAya reciting or repeating or rehearsing to one's self
हरिसङ्कीर्तन n. harisaGkIrtana act of pronouncing or repeating the name of viSNu
वेदाध्यायायिन् adj. vedAdhyAyAyin one who repeats or is constantly repeating the veda
वेदाध्याय adj. vedAdhyAya one who repeats or is constantly repeating the veda
ब्रह्माञ्जलि m. brahmAJjali joining the hollowed hands while repeating the veda
अभिनिनर्तम् ind. abhininartam so as to accomplish step by step i.e. repeating separately
अभ्यागारम् ind. abhyAgAram so as to call or shout to each other i.e. repeating separately
मङ्गलाचार m. maGgalAcAra repeating a prayer for success and observing other auspicious ceremonies
सुप्रतिष्णातसूत्र m. supratiSNAtasUtra one who is well skilled in repeating or has clearly ascertained the sUtras
जप m. japa repeating in a murmuring tone passages from scripture or charms or names of a deity
अभ्यास m. abhyAsa inculcation of a truth conveyed in sacred writings by means of repeating the same word or the same passage
कथोद्घात m. kathodghAta opening of a drama by the character that first enters overhearing and repeating the last words of the sUtradhAra or manager
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