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निवेदित adj. nivedita represented
विदित adj. vidita represented
सन्दर्शित adj. sandarzita represented
रूपित adj. rUpita represented
आवेदित adj. Avedita represented
प्रयोज्य adj. prayojya to be represented
लेख्यगत adj. lekhyagata represented in painting
प्रयोग m. prayoga piece to be represented
चित्रग adj. citraga represented in a picture
दधिधेनु f. dadhidhenu cow represented by dadhi
सुवर्णमेदिनी f. suvarNamedinI earth represented in gold
प्रयोजयति verb caus. prayojayati { prayuj } cause to be represented by
प्रयोजयति verb caus. prayojayati { prayuj } cause to be represented by
आवेद्यमान adj. AvedyamAna being stated or represented
प्रपञ्चित adj. prapaJcita represented in a false light
बिम्ब m.n. bimba reflected or represented form
अन्नब्रह्मन् n. annabrahman brahma as represented by food
प्रयोक्तव्य adj. prayoktavya to be exhibited or represented
अभिनेतव्य adj. abhinetavya to be represented dramatically
n. kha anusvAra represented by a circle
लवणधेनु f. lavaNadhenu cow symbolically represented with salt
रत्नधेनु f. ratnadhenu cow symbolically represented by jewels
लवणपर्वत m. lavaNaparvata mountain symbolically represented with salt
क्षेत्रराशि m. kSetrarAzi quantity represented by geometrical figures
वर्णसंहार m. varNasaMhAra assembly in which all the four tribes are represented
वडबा f. vaDabA particular constellation represented by a horse's head
घृतपात्रस्तनवती f. ghRtapAtrastanavatI whose nipples are represented by vessels filled with ghee
कुमुदिनीवनिता f. kumudinIvanitA loved woman fancifully represented as an assemblage of lotus flowers
परिवृत्ति f. parivRtti kind of figure in which one thing is represented as exchanged with another
नाद m. nAda nasal sound represented by a semicircle and used as an abbreviation in mystical words
यमपट m. yamapaTa piece of cloth or canvas on which yama with his attendants and the punishments of hell are represented
शेष m.,n. zeSa thousand headed serpent sometimes represented as forming the couch and canopy of Vishnu whilst sleeping during the intervals of creation
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