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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
यथासङ्गम् indecl. yathAsaGgam as required
यथासङ्गम् indecl. yathAsaGgam if required
यथासङ्गम् indecl. yathAsaGgam when required
सम्प्रचोदित adj. sampracodita required
मार्गित adj. mArgita required
अन्विष्ट adj. anviSTa required
याचित adj. yAcita required
अन्विष्यमाण adj. anviSyamANa required
अपेक्षित adj. apekSita required
अर्ह adj. arha being required
याच्य adj. yAcya to be required
अपेक्षितव्य adj. apekSitavya to be wished or required
अपेक्षणीय adj. apekSaNIya to be wished or required
अर्थपाठ m. arthapATha reading required by the sense
साम्पराय adj. sAmparAya required by necessity or calamity
अनुयात्र f. n. anuyAtra that which is required for a journey
अर्हति verb 1 arhati { arh } be obliged or required to do anything
अर्थप्रकृति f. arthaprakRti principal thing required for a special aim
सम्भार m. sambhAra collection of things required for any purpose
मात्रा f. mAtrA length of time required to pronounce a short vowel
पद n. pada any number in a set of numbers for which the sum is required
अर्थान्तर्य n. arthAntarya repetition required by the sense of one or more words successively
चतुर्मेध m. caturmedha one who has offered 4 sacrifices or one who knows the mantras required for them
बीजमत्र n. bIjamatra only as much as is required for seed i.e. for the procreation of offspring or for the preservation of a family