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शेष n. zeSa residue
सम्पात m. sampAta residue
सावशेष n. sAvazeSa residue
शेषत्व n. zeSatva residue
परिसेषण n. pariseSaNa residue
सर्वसम्पात m. sarvasampAta every residue
निरवशेष adj. niravazeSa without a residue
हविरुचोहिष्टशेष m. havirucohiSTazeSa residue of an oblation
हविरुचोहिष्ट n. havirucohiSTa residue of an oblation
अमृत n. amRta residue of a sacrifice
शेषजाति f. zeSajAti assimilation of residue
ऋजीषित adj. RjISita possessed of the residue of soma
सम्पातक adj. sampAtaka relating to a remnant or residue
हविरुचोहिष्टभुज् adj. havirucohiSTabhuj eating the residue of an oblation
ऋजीषिन् adj. RjISin having or consisting of the residue
सोपधिशेष adj. sopadhizeSa one in whom a residue of guile is left
वैघसिक adj. vaighasika feeding on the residue or remains of food
निस्नाव m. nisnAva residue of articles after a sale or market
शेषजाति f. zeSajAti reduction of fractions of residues or successive fractional remainders
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