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सेवन n. sevana resorting to
समाश्रयण n. samAzrayaNa resorting
आश्रित adj. Azrita resorting to
अपाश्रित adj. apAzrita resorting to
संव्यपाश्रित adj. saMvyapAzrita resorting to
आश्रेतृ adj. AzretR resorting to
समाश्रय m. samAzraya resorting to
सेवित्व n. sevitva resorting to
संशरण n. saMzaraNa resorting to
समाश्रित adj. samAzrita going or resorting to
भाज् adj. bhAj going or resorting to
सेविन् adj. sevin going or resorting to
सेवा f. sevA going or resorting to
सङ्गति f. saGgati going or resorting to
आश्रयण adj. AzrayaNa resorting or applying to
युद्धाध्वन् adj. yuddhAdhvan going or resorting to battle
विविक्तसेविन् adj. viviktasevin resorting to or seeking solitude
विविक्तशरण adj. viviktazaraNa resorting to or seeking solitude
फणितल्पग m. phaNitalpaga resorting to a serpent as a couch
आश्रित adj. Azrita resorting to as a retreat or asylum
सदाश्रित adj. sadAzrita always resorting to or dependent on
प्रणिपातगत adj. praNipAtagata resorting to a respectful salutation
सेवन n. sevana act of frequenting or visiting or dwelling in or resorting to
संश्रय m. saMzraya going or resorting or betaking one's self to any person or place
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