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निलय m. nilaya resting-place
विश्रामभू f. vizrAmabhU resting-place
प्रतिष्ठा f. pratiSThA resting-place
जसु f. jasu resting-place
विश्राम m. vizrAma resting-place
आशय m. Azaya resting-place
निलय m. nilaya resting-place
निलय m. nilaya resting-place
उपघ्न m. upaghna resting-place
प्रश्रय m. prazraya resting-place
नीड m.n. nIDa resting-place
अवसान n. avasAna resting-place
आरमण n. AramaNa resting-place
आयतन n. Ayatana resting-place
निधान n. nidhAna resting-place
स्थिरप्रतिष्ठा f. sthirapratiSThA firm resting-place
वधूटीशयन n. vadhUTIzayana resting-place of women
उपरिशयन n. uparizayana elevated resting-place
अनिलय adj. anilaya having no resting-place
गदावसान n. gadAvasAna resting-place of the mace
अन्तरुष्य m. antaruSya intermediate resting-place
ध्रुवयोनि adj. dhruvayoni having a firm resting-place
सङ्घाराम m. saGghArAma resting-place for a company
निवेशन adj. nivezana providing with a resting-place
सायंनिवास m. sAyaMnivAsa evening abode or resting-place
निरधिष्ठान adj. niradhiSThAna having no resting-place or basis
अनायतन adj. anAyatana having no resting-place or altar
कुलाय n. kulAya kennel or resting-place of a dog
कुलाययत् adj. kulAyayat building nests or a resting-place
शय्यादान n. zayyAdAna offering a couch or resting-place
शयनीकरोति verb zayanIkaroti { zayanIkR } make into a couch or resting-place
प्रतिशीवन् adj. pratizIvan serving as a couch or resting-place
यथानिलयम् ind. yathAnilayam each in its own resting-place or lair
ब्रह्मनीड n. brahmanIDa resting-place of brahma or of the holy
भगवदाश्रयभूत adj. bhagavadAzrayabhUta being the seat or resting-place of bhagavat
अनायतन n. anAyatana that which is not really a resting-place or an altar
संसरण n. saMsaraNa resting-place for passengers near the gates of a city
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