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रेवत f. revata
रेवत m. revata species of plant
रेवट m. revaTa boar
रेवट m. revaTa doctor skilled in antidotes
रेवट m. revaTa whirlwind
रेवट m. revaTa fruit of the plantain
रेवट m. revaTa oil of the Morunga tree [Hyperanthera Morunga - Bot.]
रेवट m. revaTa bamboo or dust
रेवट n. revaTa muscle or a conch-shell which coils from right to left
रैवत adj. raivata relating to manu raivata
रैवत adj. raivata rich
रैवत adj. raivata connected with the sAman raivata
रैवत adj. raivata descended from a wealthy family
रैवत m. raivata cloud
रैवत m. raivata species of tuberous vegetable
रैवत n. raivata above
रेवतक n. revataka species of date
रैवतक m. raivataka species of date
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