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भृष्ट n. bhRSTa roasted meat
भूष्ट adj. bhUSTa roasted
पक्व adj. pakva roasted
अङ्गारित adj. aGgArita roasted
परिभृष्ट adj. paribhRSTa roasted
अवभर्जित adj. avabharjita roasted
परिपाचित adj. paripAcita roasted
भर्जित adj. bharjita roasted
अङ्गारकित adj. aGgArakita roasted
भष्ट adj. bhaSTa roasted
भृक्त adj. bhRkta roasted
अङ्गारपरिपाचित n. aGgAraparipAcita roasted food
भृष्टपिष्ट n. bhRSTapiSTa roasted meal
शूल्य n. zUlya roasted meat
भृष्टतण्डुल m. bhRSTataNDula roasted grain
भरुज m. bharuja roasted barley
भटित्र adj. bhaTitra roasted on a spit
शूलिक adj. zUlika roasted on a spit
शूलसंस्कृत adj. zUlasaMskRta roasted on a spit
शूल्य adj. zUlya roasted on a spit
शूलाकृत adj. zUlAkRta roasted on a spit
विनिष्टप्त adj. viniSTapta well roasted or fried
भर्ष्टव्य adj. bharSTavya to be fried or roasted
भर्ष्टव्य adj. bharSTavya to be roasted or fried
भ्रष्टव्य adj. bhraSTavya to be roasted or fried
सम्भृष्ट adj. sambhRSTa thoroughly fried or roasted
विपच्यते verb pass. vipacyate { vipac } be cooked or baked or roasted
भृष्टकार m. bhRSTakAra preparer of roasted or fried meat
शूल्यपाक m. zUlyapAka any meat or food roasted on a spit
कन्दुपक्व adj. kandupakva parched or roasted or fried in a pan
कान्दव adj. kAndava roasted or baked in an iron pan or oven
पशूखा f. pazUkhA pot in which the sacred animals is cooked or roasted
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