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बलप्रसू f. balaprasU rohiNI
रोहिणीभव m. rohiNIbhava son of rohiNI
रोहिणिपुत्र m. rohiNiputra son of rohiNI
रोहिणिनन्दन m. rohiNinandana son of rohiNI
रोहिणीसुत m. rohiNIsuta son of rohiNI
अरोहिणीक adj. arohiNIka without rohiNI
शकटाह्वा f. zakaTAhvA asterism rohiNI
रोहिणीप्रिय m. rohiNIpriya lover of rohiNI
रोहिणीवल्लभ m. rohiNIvallabha lover of rohiNI
रोहिणीकान्त m. rohiNIkAnta lover of rohiNI
प्राजापत्य n. prAjApatya asterism rohiNI
प्राजेश n. prAjeza nakSatra rohiNI
रोहिणीपति m. rohiNIpati husband of rohiNI
प्राजापत्य m. prAjApatya chariot of rohiNI
ब्राह्मी f. brAhmI constellation rohiNi
केश n. keza lunar mansion rohiNI
रोहिणीश m. rohiNIza lord or husband of rohiNI
रोहिणीरमण m. rohiNIramaNa lover or husband of rohiNI
रोहिणीतनय m. rohiNItanaya son of rohiNI i.e. balarAma
पैतामह n. paitAmaha lunar mansion called rohiNI
रोहिण adj. rohiNa born under the asterism rohiNI
रौहिण adj. rauhiNa connected with the nakSatra rohiNI
आनुरोहिण adj. AnurohiNa belonging to the constellation rohiNI
रोहिणीत्व n. rohiNItva state or condition of the nakSatra rohiNI
रोहिणीयोग m. rohiNIyoga conjunction of the moon with the nakSatra rohiNI
शकट n. zakaTa five stars forming the asterism rohiNI compared to a cart
रोहिण्यष्टमी f. rohiNyaSTamI 8th day in the dark half of the month bhAdra when the moon is in conjunction with the nakSatra rohiNI
गजवीथि f. gajavIthi division of the moon's course in the heavens which contains the signs rohiNI , mRga-ziras , and ArdrA , or (according to others) punar-vasu , tiSya , and AzleSA
गजवीथी f. gajavIthI that division of the moon's course in the heavens which contains the signs rohiNI, mRga-ziras, and ArdrA, or (according to others) punar-vasu, tiSya, and AzleSA
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