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तूल रोहित m. tUla rohita cotton corinth
रोहित् adj. rohit red
रोहित् f. rohit rivers
रोहित् f. rohit fingers
रोहित् f. rohit kind of creeper
रोहित् f. rohit woman in her courses
रोहित् f. rohit red deer or a red mare
रोहित् m. rohit sun
रोहित् m. rohit Rohu carp [Cyprinus Rohita - Zoo.]
रोहित adj. rohita reddish
रोहित adj. rohita red
रोहित m. rohita Rohu carp [Cyprinus Rohita - Zoo.]
रोहित m. rohita kind of tree
रोहित m. rohita kind of deer
रोहित m. rohita particular form of rainbow
रोहित m. rohita kind of fish
रोहित m. rohita red or chestnut horse
रोहित m. rohita Rohida tree [Andersonia Rohitaka - Bot.]
रोहित m. rohita sort of ornament made of precious stones
रोहित n. rohita indra's bow unbent and invisible to mortals
रोहित n. rohita kind of metre
रोहित n. rohita saffron
रोहित n. rohita blood
रोहित n. rohita kind of rainbow appearing in a straight form
रौहित adj. rauhita relating to manu rohita
रौहित adj. rauhita coming from the animal or fish called Rohita [Cyprinus Rohita - Zoo.]
रोहितक m. rohitaka Rohida tree [Andersonia Rohitaka - Bot.]
रोहीतक m. rohItaka Rohida tree [Andersonia Rohitaka - Bot.]
रोहितेय m. rohiteya Rohida tree [Andersonia Rohitaka - Bot.]
रौहीतक adj. rauhItaka coming from the district rohItaka
रौहितक adj. rauhitaka made of the wood of the Rohida tree [Andersonia Rohitaka - Bot.]
रौहीतक m. rauhItaka Rohida tree [Andersonia Rohitaka - Bot.]
रोहितैत m. rohitaita marked with red and other colours
रोहिताञ्जि adj. rohitAJji marked with red
रोहिताक्ष adj. rohitAkSa red-eyed
रोहितवत् adj. rohitavat having a red horse
रोहिताश्व m. rohitAzva god of fire
रोहिताश्व m. rohitAzva having red horses
रोहिताश्व m. rohitAzva god of fire
रोहितगिरि m. rohitagiri name of a mountain
रोहितरूप n. rohitarUpa red colour
रोहितवृक्ष m. rohitavRkSa Rohida tree [Andersonia Rohitaka - Bot.]
रोहितगिरीय m. rohitagirIya inhabitants of rohitagiri
रोहितमत्स्य m. rohitamatsya Rohu carp [Cyprinus Rohita - Zoo.]
रोहितेन्द्रधनुस् n. rohitendradhanus imperfect and perfect rainbows
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