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लुठित adj. luThita rolled
भ्रामित adj. bhrAmita rolled
वर्तित adj. vartita rolled
संवर्तित adj. saMvartita rolled up
लुठित adj. luThita rolled down
निर्लुठित adj. nirluThita rolled down
विघूर्णित adj. vighUrNita rolled about
संवेष्टते verb saMveSTate { saMveST } be rolled up
संवृत् adj. saMvRt be rolled together
लुण्डीकृत adj. luNDIkRta rolled up together
संवर्तते verb saMvartate { sam- vRt } be rolled together
संवर्त m. saMvarta young rolled-up leaf
संवर्त m. saMvarta young rolled-up leaf
संवर्त m. saMvarta young rolled-up leaf
संववृत्वस् adj. saMvavRtvas rolled up or together
सुमतीकृत adj. sumatIkRta well harrowed or rolled
दुर्मतीकृत adj. durmatIkRta badly harrowed or rolled
पिण्डित adj. piNDita rolled into a ball or lump
संवर्त m. saMvarta anything rolled or kneaded
रिफित adj. riphita rolled in the throat like r
संश्यान adj. saMzyAna shrunk or rolled up together
अवलुण्ठित adj. avaluNThita rolled or wallowed on the ground
वर्ती f. vartI anything rolled or wrapped round
पिण्डीभाव m. piNDIbhAva being rolled together in to a ball
पर्णपुट n. parNapuTa leaf rolled into the shape of funnel
पर्णवीटिका f. parNavITikA Areca nut cut in pieces and sprinkled with spices and rolled up in betel leaves [traditional after-meals mouth freshener]
वीटक n. vITaka preparation of the Areca nut with spices and lime rolled up together in a leaf of the betel plant [traditional after-meals mouth freshener]
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