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रोर m. rora labourer
रोर m. rora particular part of the body
रोर m. rora worker
रौरव adj. raurava fearful
रौरव adj. raurava coming from or made of the skin of the deer called ruru
रौरव adj. raurava dishonest
रौरव adj. raurava unsteady
रौरव m. raurava monster
रौरव m. raurava savage
रौरव n. raurava fruit of the ruru tree
रोरवण n. roravaNa loud roaring or bellowing
रोरवीति verb Intens. roravIti { ru } scream aloud
रोरवीति verb Intens. roravIti { ru } vociferate
रोरवीति verb Intens. roravIti { ru } bellow or roar loudly
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