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घृष्ट adj. ghRSTa rubbed
घर्षित adj. gharSita rubbed
उत्सादित adj. utsAdita rubbed
विमृदित adj. vimRdita rubbed
व्याघट्टित adj. vyAghaTTita rubbed
घट्टित adj. ghaTTita rubbed
उद्घृष्ट adj. udghRSTa rubbed
परिमृष्ट adj. parimRSTa rubbed
कषित adj. kaSita rubbed
निघृष्ट adj. nighRSTa rubbed
उद्वर्तित adj. udvartita rubbed
विचर्चर्चित adj. vicarcarcita rubbed
मार्जित adj. mArjita rubbed
परिमृदित adj. parimRdita rubbed
उन्मर्दित adj. unmardita rubbed
पुटित adj. puTita rubbed
आहत adj. Ahata rubbed
परिमृजित adj. parimRjita rubbed
घुष्ट adj. ghuSTa rubbed
विमर्दित adj. vimardita rubbed
सम्म्रक्षित adj. sammrakSita rubbed in
प्रघृष्ट adj. praghRSTa rubbed in
विशीर्ण adj. vizIrNa rubbed off
प्रमृष्ट adj. pramRSTa rubbed off
विमृष्ट adj. vimRSTa rubbed off
चर्चित adj. carcita rubbed off
निघृष्व adj. nighRSva rubbed off
उन्मर्दित adj. unmardita rubbed off
निर्मृष्ट adj. nirmRSTa rubbed out
सङ्घृष्ट adj. saGghRSTa rubbed with
प्रमृष्ट adj. pramRSTa rubbed with
निरभ्यङ्ग adj. nirabhyaGga not rubbed in
व्याघट्टित adj. vyAghaTTita rubbed together
पिष्ट adj. piSTa rubbed together
सङ्घृष्ट adj. saGghRSTa rubbed together
व्यामृष्ट adj. vyAmRSTa rubbed out or off
विघृष्ट adj. vighRSTa excessively rubbed
उन्मृष्ट adj. unmRSTa rubbed or wiped off
मथ्य adj. mathya to be rubbed out of
सङ्घृष्यते verb pass. saGghRSyate { saMghRS } be rubbed or wetted
अमृष्ट adj. amRSTa not rubbed or washed
निर्मथ्यते verb pass. nirmathyate { nirmath } be rubbed or churned
परिमृज्य adj. parimRjya to be cleaned or rubbed
संवाह्य adj. saMvAhya to be rubbed or kneaded
अर्धचन्दनलिप्त adj. ardhacandanalipta half rubbed with sandal
परिमार्ग्य adj. parimArgya to be cleaned or rubbed
घृष्ट adj. ghRSTa rubbed so as to be sore
सुमृष्ट adj. sumRSTa well rubbed or polished
घर्षणीय adj. gharSaNIya to be rubbed or cleaned
मर्दनीय adj. mardanIya to be rubbed or touched
संवाहितव्य adj. saMvAhitavya to be rubbed or stroked
सुसम्मृष्ट adj. susammRSTa well rubbed or cleansed
अवघट्टित adj. avaghaTTita rubbed or pushed together
अभ्यञ्ज्य adj. abhyaJjya to be rubbed with unguents
स्नेहविमर्दित adj. snehavimardita rubbed or anointed with oil
सम्मर्दयति verb caus. sammardayati { sammRd } cause to be rubbed together
परिघट्टित adj. parighaTTita touched or rubbed repeatedly
परिमृज्यते verb pass. parimRjyate { parimRj } be rubbed or worn out by use
आपेषम् ind. ApeSam having pressed or rubbed against
मन्थ्य adj. manthya to be rubbed or stirred or churned
सङ्घट्टित adj. saGghaTTita rubbed or struck together or against
प्रतिपिष्ट adj. pratipiSTa rubbed or rubbing against each other
ऋक्णवह adj. RkNavaha having the shoulders wounded or rubbed
मर्मृजेन्य adj. marmRjenya to be rubbed down or cleansed repeatedly
अभ्यञ्जन्य adj. abhyaJjanya whose feet are to be rubbed with unguents
व्युधावयति verb caus. vyudhAvayati { vyuddhAv } cause to be rubbed off or polished or cleansed
स्नानीयोच्छादितस्नात adj. snAnIyocchAditasnAta one who has bathed and rubbed himself with unguents
झल्लिका f. jhallikA dirt rubbed off the body by the application of perfumes
कपोलकाष m. kapolakASa any object against which the cheeks or temples are rubbed
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