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ऋचा f. RcA verse
ऋच n. Rca verse
ऋच n. Rca sacred verse
रुच adj. ruca radiant
रुच adj. ruca brilliant
रुच adj. ruca bright
रुचा f. rucA light
रुचा f. rucA liking
रुचा f. rucA lustre
रुचा f. rucA beauty
रुचा f. rucA note of the parrot or Maina
रुचा f. rucA desire
ऋचति verb 6 Rcati { Rc } honor
रुचक adj. rucaka very large
रुचक m. rucaka any object or substance supposed to bring good luck
रुचक m. rucaka kind of four-sided column
रुचक m. rucaka pigeon
रुचक m. rucaka citron
रुचक m. rucaka kind of golden ornament or necklace
रुचक m. rucaka castor oil plant [Ricinus Communis - Bot.]
रुचक m. rucaka ring
रुचक m. rucaka dove
रुचक n. rucaka tooth
रुचक n. rucaka sort of building or temple having terraces on three sides and closed only on the north side
रुचक n. rucaka horse-ornament
रुचक n. rucaka natron
रुचक n. rucaka sweet juice
रुचक n. rucaka false black pepper [Embelia Ribes - Bot.]
रुचक n. rucaka kind of tonic
रुचक n. rucaka sochal salt
रुचक n. rucaka garland
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