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ऋत ppp. Rta { R } gone
ऋत adj. Rta right
ऋत adj. Rta enlightened
ऋत adj. Rta able
ऋत adj. Rta proper
ऋत adj. Rta respected
ऋत adj. Rta suitable
ऋत adj. Rta afflicted by
ऋत adj. Rta worshipped
ऋत adj. Rta apt
ऋत adj. Rta met with
ऋत adj. Rta honest
ऋत adj. Rta true
ऋत adj. Rta fit
ऋत adj. Rta luminous
ऋत adj. Rta brave
ऋत n. Rta sacred or pious action or custom
ऋत n. Rta vow
ऋत n. Rta indeed
ऋत n. Rta truth in general
ऋत n. Rta particular sacrifice
ऋत n. Rta rule
ऋत n. Rta oath
ऋत n. Rta sincerely
ऋत n. Rta divine truth
ऋत n. Rta sacrifice
ऋत n. Rta law
ऋत n. Rta promise
ऋत n. Rta truly
ऋत n. Rta faith
ऋत n. Rta water
ऋत n. Rta fixed or settled order
ऋत n. Rta figuratively said of gleaning
ऋत n. Rta wealth
ऋत n. Rta divine law
ऋत n. Rta truth personified
ऋत n. Rta righteousness
ऋत n. Rta sun
ऋतम् ind. Rtam very
ऋतम् ind. Rtam expressly
ऋतम् ind. Rtam properly
ऋतम् ind. Rtam duly
ऋतम् ind. Rtam right
रुत adj. ruta sounded
रुत adj. ruta divided
रुत adj. ruta filled with cries
रुत adj. ruta shattered
रुत adj. ruta made to resound
रुत adj. ruta broken to pieces
रुत n. ruta neigh
रुत n. ruta note
रुत n. ruta yell
रुत n. ruta roar
रुत n. ruta hum
रुत n. ruta any cry or noise
रुत n. ruta song
ऋतजा adj. RtajA excellent
ऋतजा adj. RtajA well made
ऋतजा adj. RtajA of a true nature
ऋतजा adj. RtajA truly-born
ऋतनि adj. Rtani leader of truth or righteousness
ऋतपा adj. RtapA guarding divine truth
ऋतया ind. RtayA in the right manner
ऋतयु adj. Rtayu wishing for sacrifice
ऋतयु adj. Rtayu observing the sacred law
ऋतचित् adj. Rtacit conversant with or knowing the sacred law or usage
ऋतधी adj. RtadhI of right intelligence or knowledge
ऋतजित् adj. Rtajit gaining the right
ऋतज्ञा adj. RtajJA knowing or conversant with the sacred law or usage
ऋतजुर् adj. Rtajur grown old in divine law
ऋतज्य adj. Rtajya truth-strung
ऋतज्य adj. Rtajya one whose string is truth
ऋतप्सु adj. Rtapsu one whose appearance is truth or one who consumes the sacrificial food
ऋतसद् adj. Rtasad seated or dwelling in truth
ऋताषह् adj. RtASah maintaining the sacred law
ऋतसप् adj. Rtasap connected with or accepting worship or religious acts
ऋतसप् adj. Rtasap connected with or performing worship or pious works
ऋतावन् adj. RtAvan holy
ऋतावन् adj. RtAvan proper
ऋतावन् adj. RtAvan just
ऋतावन् adj. RtAvan regular
ऋतावन् adj. RtAvan faithful
ऋतावन् adj. RtAvan keeping within the fixed order or rule
ऋतावन् adj. RtAvan truthful
ऋतावन् adj. RtAvan performing or accepting sacred works or piety
ऋतवत् adj. Rtavat saying the truth
ऋतवत् adj. Rtavat being right
ऋतव्य adj. Rtavya relating or devoted to the seasons
ऋतायिन् adj. RtAyin truthful
ऋतयुज् adj. Rtayuj united with divine law
ऋतयुज् adj. Rtayuj properly harnessed
ऋतश्री f. RtazrI true beauty
ऋतभुज् adj. Rtabhuj enjoying one's righteousness or pious works
ऋतजात adj. RtajAta of true nature
ऋतजात adj. RtajAta proper
ऋतजात adj. RtajAta well made
ऋतामृत n. RtAmRta lawful gleaning and unsolicited alms
ऋतानृत n. RtAnRta truth and falsehood
ऋतपेय m. Rtapeya particular ekAha
ऋतसात adj. RtasAta filled with truth or righteousness
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