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संवर्तक m. saMvartaka world-destroying fire [fires of hell]
संवर्तक adj. saMvartaka destroying
संवर्तक adj. saMvartaka rolling up
सांवर्तक adj. sAMvartaka relating to or appearing at the dissolution of the universe
संवर्तक m. saMvartaka end or dissolution of the universe
संवर्तक m. saMvartaka group or class of world-destroying clouds
संवर्तक n. saMvartaka bala-deva's ploughshare
संवर्तकाग्नि m. saMvartakAgni world-destroying fire
संवर्तकल्प m. saMvartakalpa particular period of universal destruction
संवर्तकाभ्र n. saMvartakAbhra clouds at the destruction of the world
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