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साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa common
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa ordinary
साधारणरूप n. sAdhAraNarUpa infinitive [grammar]
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa common to
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa general
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa behaving alike
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa having something of two opposite properties
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa common to all
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa occupying a middle position
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa having or resting on the same support or basis
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa universal
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa mean
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa generic
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa belonging to more than the one instance alleged
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa like
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa equal or similar to
साधारण adj. sAdhAraNa belonging or applicable to many or all
साधारण m. sAdhAraNa twig of bamboo
साधारण n. sAdhAraNa league or alliance with
साधारण n. sAdhAraNa name of a nyAya work by gAdadhara
साधारण n. sAdhAraNa common rule or one generally applicable
साधारण n. sAdhAraNa common rule
साधारण n. sAdhAraNa character common to all the individuals of a species or to all the species of a genus
साधारण n. sAdhAraNa generic property
साधारण n. sAdhAraNa something in common
साधारणम् ind. sAdhAraNam generally
साधारणम् ind. sAdhAraNam commonly
साधारणता f. sAdhAraNatA commonness
साधारणता f. sAdhAraNatA community
साधारणतः adverb sAdhAraNataH vulgarly
साधारणतः adverb sAdhAraNataH currently
साधारणत्व n. sAdhAraNatva universality
साधारणत्व n. sAdhAraNatva temperateness
साधारणदेश m. sAdhAraNadeza wild marshy country
साधारणदेश m. sAdhAraNadeza common land
साधारणस्त्री f. sAdhAraNastrI harlot
साधारणस्त्री f. sAdhAraNastrI common woman
साधारणधन n. sAdhAraNadhana joint or common property
साधारणपक्ष n. sAdhAraNapakSa common side or party
साधारणपक्ष n. sAdhAraNapakSa middle side
साधारणपक्ष n. sAdhAraNapakSa mean
साधारणधर्म m. sAdhAraNadharma common or universal duty
साधारणधर्म m. sAdhAraNadharma conduct or duty binding on all castes and orders alike
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