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साम्पराय adj. sAmparAya relating to the other world or to the future
साम्पराय adj. sAmparAya relating to war or battle
साम्पराय adj. sAmparAya warlike
साम्पराय adj. sAmparAya required by necessity or calamity
सम्पराय m. samparAya conflict
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya need
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya distress
सम्पराय m. samparAya adversity
सम्पराय m. samparAya son
सम्पराय m. samparAya futurity
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya conflict
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya passage from this world into another
सम्पराय m. samparAya existence from eternity
सम्पराय m. samparAya battle
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya uncertainty
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya helper or friend in need
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya contention
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya future
सम्पराय m. samparAya calamity
सम्पराय m. samparAya war
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya inquiry into the future
सम्पराय m. samparAya death
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya future life
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya calamity
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya investigation
सम्पराय m. samparAya decease
सम्पराय m. samparAya future time
सम्परायक m. samparAyaka battle
सम्परायक m. samparAyaka hostile encounter
सम्परायक m. samparAyaka war
साम्परायण m. sAmparAyaNa one who ushers a person into another world
सम्पारयति verb caus. sampArayati { sampR } bring or convey over to the further side
सम्पारयति verb caus. sampArayati { sampR } bring to an end
सम्पारयति verb caus. sampArayati { sampR } perform
सम्पारयति verb caus. sampArayati { sampR } accomplish
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